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Through our Scale-as-a-Service membership model, we provide growth-stage B2B tech companies with ALL the training, certifications, tools, programs, resources, strategy, peer connections, and access to talent that they need as they continue to scale – all in one place. Membership is all-inclusive, frictionless, and built in a way so the entire revenue organization, from BDR to CRO and every team in between, can be involved and realize a significant benefit.

All-Inclusive Membership Helps You Do 3 Things:

Scale Better

Accelerate the growth of every single team, persona and individual within your revenue org through focused training & development + modern sales & leadership enablement.

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Scale Faster

Build a rockstar team, while shortening your speed to revenue. Gain access to a larger pool of qualified talent, and then plug them into an on-boarding, ramp and career development machine.

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Scale Smarter

Shortcut the system with access to the strategy, frameworks and resources you need in order to build, while leveraging your peers and other thought leaders to move faster and more effectively.

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Member Portal

Member Portal

Our custom-built member portal makes engaging in Sales Assembly super easy and very DIY. Every revenue employee of every member company receives an account, and within the portal individuals can search for recommended programs and resources based on their roles (AE, Sales Director, Revenue Operations, etc), find recommended career development opportunities, sign up for trainings and certifications, filter by different program/resource/benefit types that SA offers, and access lots of other special member perks that come along with corporate Sales Assembly membership.

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Join for the Benefits. Stay for the Experience.

We’re committed to ensuring our members not only receive access to all the strategic programs and benefits they need to scale, but that it’s also enjoyable every step of the way. Being a part of the Sales Assembly community is an experience we take seriously, so membership also incorporates the additional features below:

Peer-Based Community

Opportunity for everyone within the org to connect with peers & learn from each other.

Focus on DEI

A commitment towards diversity, equity, and inclusion is rooted in our core values.

Thought Leadership

Invites to speak at events, lead trainings, and be featured on a blog post or our podcast.

Perks & Discounts

Over 2-dozen leading service providers who offer a special perk or discount to members.

Frictionless & Turnkey

We’ve tirelessly designed membership to be extremely easy for you and your team to engage.

Tech Industry-Focused

All programming, resources and benefits are specifically designed for B2B tech companies.

We’re Your Partner

We’re here to help & support with anything, including strategy related. Just ask!

It’s Fun!

Training & strategy work can be boring and stodgy. Sales Assembly isn’t. LET’S DO THIS!

Let’s Be Best Friends!

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