Frequently Asked Questions About Sales Assembly

Simple!  Once joining, we go through a formal onboarding process in order to get all stakeholders on your team up to speed, and then begin plugging you into all of the events, trainings, programs and benefits we offer. Throughout the year we are in regular communication to ensure you’re getting a great ROI and accomplishing your goals.

YES! We do not sell any sort of a la carte package or individual services. Once a member, companies are encouraged to get engaged and take advantage of everything we offer.

Literally everyone within the revenue organization. From BDR to CRO, and including the entire Customer Success & Marketing teams – there is something for everyone within Sales Assembly.

Our content is a combination between our own IP, as well as thought leadership and best practices from leaders, influencers and top practitioners throughout our community and extended SA ecosystem. Bottom line is that our curriculum and programs remain relevant, modern, and always have a fresh voice.

Nope. Everything, including our industry-leading certification programs, are at no additional cost and included in the corporate membership.

Membership into Sales Assembly is for companies, not singular individuals. If you came across SA and feel it would be a great resource for you personally but you’re not sure if it’s something that would be a fit for the company at large, then let’s connect and discuss!

100% of the trainings and programs we provide for members are done virtually (yet almost all are live facilitation).  In 2022, we will be incorporating exclusive dinners and 1/2 day conferences in certain cities around the country once again!

We offer one membership package at one price point, for all members.

Growth-stage or enterprise B2B tech company is a must. Outside of that, the best companies are the ones who value training & development, peer collaboration, and providing their employees with a great benefit. And while talent, hiring and recruiting is certainly part of what we help with, we’ve found that if a company is ONLY interested in SA for this reason, it’s likely not going to be the best fit.

Great! Sales Assembly was built to plug into the internal systems and programs of the member. We do not expect to replace what you already have – simply add on and help make it better!