Build a Foundation for Modern Skill Development

Knowledge gaps halt revenue growth. With Sales Assembly, elevate your GTM team’s performance with persona-specific skill development, strategic enablement resources and an engaging learning experience – for ALL roles, through one simple membership.

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Skill Gaps Are Preventing Your Growth Potential

Today’s environment for GTM teams is harder than ever, and coupled with the “do more with less” mandate – individuals simply don’t get the professional development they need. In fact, 70% of employees report they don’t have the skills they need for their role – resulting in lower quota attainment, productivity issues, and even turnover.

The main problem for many revenue leaders and enablement pros is prioritization. Between product knowledge training, tools, and process building – modern skill development is the “priority” that often doesn’t get prioritized.

Effective Skill Development that Drives Revenue & Results

Delivering strategic, persona-specific skill development has never been easier. Sales Assembly’s turnkey membership solution is the most effective AND efficient investment you’ll ever make in your revenue team, because it’s strategically designed with 3 critical elements in mind:

Focused on Outcomes

Personalized skill development for each persona combined with multiple learning formats and modern enablement resources, ensuring that time spent off the floor is effective, impactful, and ultimately drives meaningful change.

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Enhanced by Community

Traditional in-house training is limited with narrow viewpoints and ideas. Sales Assembly brings together professionals from across our community to learn with and from one another, broadening the scope of knowledge and diversity of thought.

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Built for Engagement

With the entire membership experience run through our tech-enabled member portal, and combined with expert support & guidance from our team, Sales Assembly membership is both turnkey and efficient to launch and run.

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Developing your team is hard. WE GET IT.

Over the years we’ve partnered with more than 300 tech companies (from early-stage to enterprise), certified 3,500+ individuals, and led over 1,000 in-person & virtual programs.

It’s why we’re the partner of choice for hundreds of B2B revenue leaders. We understand exactly what it takes to support the needs of growing tech companies, like yours – in the right way.

You deserve a solution for skill development that helps your team win, and one that’s built with your needs in mind.


  • modern curriculum, accompanied by resources that drive adoption & enablement for both the learner + the organization – versus “just because” training or individual professional development.
  • a learning experience enhanced within a community of peers – versus training ONLY occurring “in-house” within a singular company.
  • always-on and easily accessible learning & development for the ENTIRE revenue team – versus singular training events, one team at a time.

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Watch Skill Gaps Disappear

Your team’s effort combined with our platform and complete suite of learning resources ensures you’re always equipped to keep the business growing.


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