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Scale Faster

Build a rockstar team while shortening your speed to revenue. Gain access to a larger pool of qualified talent you can hire, and then plug them into an on-boarding, ramp and career development machine.

Access to Revenue Talent

We supplement the recruiting efforts of our members in 2 main ways. First, we are consistently building a pipeline of talent through our Fast Start Certification Program for job seekers and then giving our members access to those individuals. Second, we host bi-monthly nationwide virtual hiring events for candidates looking for new sales, marketing and/or CS roles – and offer members an opportunity to meet candidates and be featured.

Fast Start Program | Virtual Career Fairs

Interviewing & Hiring Processes

From proper interviewing and screening processes/techniques to recommended assessment tools, we help our members with the functional strategy needed to simply hire better candidates, with more precision.

Career Pathing

Training & development is great, but without the end in mind, it’s just “more stuff.” Put your high performers on a path towards career growth and leadership opportunities through structured development plans and career pathing programs.

New Hire On-boarding & Ramp

Our New Hire Launch Program consists of company-agnostic online learning, coupled with ongoing training & skill development throughout their first 90 days – all intended to help get newly hired employees moving and grooving faster!

New Hire Launch Program

Culture & Diversity

We’ve built out various learning opportunities for leaders around the topic of DEI in addition to formally organized Employee Resource Circles where employees from across the entire community can participate – resulting in a more diverse, complete and highly-efficient revenue organization.

Focus on Inclusion

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