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Build a rockstar team while shortening your speed to revenue. Gain access to a larger pool of qualified talent you can hire, and then plug them into an on-boarding, ramp and career development machine.

Access to Talent (Our Fast Start Program)

Our Fast Start Program is a 5 module certification which helps verify that job seekers have the foundational skills they need in order to ramp quicker and succeed in their new role. All candidates who complete the Fast Start Program have their information sent to Sales Assembly members each week, and members are then encouraged to contact anyone they wish and ideally make hires – no fees of any kind are involved.

Candidates come to us through a number of different ways and resources, and are typically looking for BDR/SDR, AE, CSM, Enablement, Marketing and/or Sales Mgmt positions.

Company Hiring Showcases

We regularly feature Sales Assembly member companies who are hiring through our Company Hiring Showcase, which highlights the company via video, as well as by sharing information about their company + roles they’re hiring for. The showcase is then distributed publicly to our network of tens of thousands of individuals throughout the greater tech ecosystem, promoted on our social media, and given to our members to promote as well.

New Hire Launch Program

The New Hire Launch Program is on-demand, and designed specifically for client-facing individual contributors (BDR/SDRs, Account Executives, Account Managers, and Client Success Managers), with the core objective of helping them accelerate their on-boarding, ramp & overall success in their new role.

Interview Workshops

Our on-demand library of curriculum has various courses available for anyone who will be interviewing candidates for a specific role; be it as a hiring manager, peer or cross functional partner. The workshops consist of interview best practices, appropriate questions to ask, ideas on how to structure interviews, and ways to best evaluate potential candidates for your company’s open roles.

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