Since the beginning, our goal at Sales Assembly has been simple: enable the people and support the strategies that help revenue organizations move more quickly and with purpose. Fast and focused, as we like to say.

Which is why we’re excited to introduce updates to the way that Sales Assembly supports revenue teams and the strategies of our members.

So, what is updating?

Some changes to existing programming:

  • Strategy Peer Groups: one of our most popular programs where peers meet with peers across 15 personas within the revenue organization, will now all get together monthly. With new, dedicated peer groups like BDR/SDR leader and Account Manager (Quota Carrying), each team member can get specific and build on the conversations + connections month over month.

    And once every quarter, these Peer Groups will meet in an AMA-style format to hear from a leader or expert in their space, tap into their lessons and hear how they grew and developed in their job.

  • Weekly Community Events are now Skills Development Courses: Our Weekly Community Events (WCEs) are now called Skills Development Courses. Why? Because these weekly sessions will become more specific to the skills necessary for specific roles within the revenue organization. Whether it be Demoing for Pre-Sales professionals or Discovery for AEs, Skills Courses will get more specific and tangible for those that attend.

  • New Ways to Level Up: Strategy Labs are well-attended, but big time commitments. Going forward, Strategy Labs will complement new deep-dive programming like Bootcamps and Collectives as half-day events, with a greater focus on peer-to-peer learning. Each month, we’ll offer learning for a different persona that is responsible for building the infrastructure of the business. Think, RevOps, Enablement, Sales Strategy, and more.  

An example of the way our updated programming supports each persona can be seen here:

All of this learning, specific to each persona, will address key skills and competencies important to the role on their dedicated Learning Path. 

For example, Account Executives can expect learning opportunities in:

Each member of the revenue organization has their own Learning Path, which you can see on the persona pages linked from the top navigation of the Member Portal.

Moving fast isn’t enough. You need to be going in the right direction.

Revenue orgs we’ve worked with and hear from every day are also challenged with building the infrastructure that supports the revenue team. With more specialized roles – AEs to Enterprise AEs, inbound vs. outbound sales, CSMs and Account Managers that carry a quota – the strategy and foundation behind how these teams work together and what strategy they are implementing can be unwieldy. 

So, you’ll also see more investment from Sales Assembly in what we’re calling Centers of Excellence

From on-demand content, consultations, strategic Peer Groups, Sales Assembly will support the growth and decision-making of:

  • Sales Strategy
  • RevOps
  • Enablement
  • Customer Success
  • Marketing

Check out more on our Centers of Excellence here.

And finally, we’re excited to curate more of the programming and resources necessary for those running revenue teams.

From Executive Insights to Leadership Peer Groups and and an overview of all of the persona-specific learning paths and competencies, leaders can now find all of their resources in an all-in-one hub: Executive Corner.

This is just the beginning. 

As we roll out more programming, get more feedback from you and provide more prescriptive pathing for you and your teammates on your development journey, we’ll share updates with you and make sure that you can make the most of new programming and opportunities.

For now, we’re all ears. Let us know where and how we can help.