In 2017, Matt Green and I started Sales Assembly based on some key knowledge about sales within the B2B tech ecosystem.

We’d both been working within the Chicago tech scene for years and realized that some of the best local companies were blowing up – brands like Upwork, G2, Sprout Social and ActiveCampaign.  And while the communities WITHIN the 4 walls of these organizations were strong, there wasn’t yet a force bringing leaders and teams ACROSS various companies together to learn with, and from, one another – which, of course, is where so many surprising aha’s happen.

So, we set out to change that. We started out as a simple community for leaders within Chicago Tech – hosting events, meetups, and keynotes.  But as we got going, it quickly grew, out of the needs and desires of our members. 

Every time we hosted a new program or event, we’d hear more requests for the same, but for BDRs and SDRs. Or a better way to connect with up-and-coming talent, or to make sure the new people joining these tech sales teams were getting adequate enablement to start fast, or to learn about customer success. Or to stand up an outbound sales motion.

Or to train their AEs on selling to the enterprise. And building pipeline. And on and on.

You get it. Connecting people from across organizations in spaces where they could hone in and learn more about their role and their craft was more than just a seminar and bigger than a happy hour.

It was a missing piece, for a lot of revenue organizations, for scaling their teams fast.

Fast forward 5 years, to the company Sales Assembly has become. A company we’re super proud of.

  • We’ve worked with 300+ companies, with teams now spanning the globe. From seed stage to the enterprise, we’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t) as companies grow.
  • We’ve trained thousands of sellers, customer success professionals, pre-sales and channel folks … BDRs and SDRs, RevOps departments, marketers, enablement teams … you name it. As revenue and commercial organizations grew and adapted at the fast pace of SaaS’s exponential growth, we were right alongside these teams to help them learn the skills necessary for the job they were in, the job they were hiring for and the role they would step up into and fill next.
  • In 2022 alone, we’ve certified 3,000 revenue team professionals across 15 job types, facilitated hundreds of community connections in Peer Groups, hosted 500 revenue leaders at in-person events, deployed hundreds of strategy consultations, in both 1:1 and in cohorts of leaders … all centering community, connection and learning so that they could build sounder strategies that were efficient and effective to put into action.

From all of this, we’ve learned alot, and have a clear view of the need to scale both fast, and smart – together. 

It’s not a paint-by-numbers playbook or an out of the box program. Nor is it touchy-feely community for community’s sake.

We’ve learned that the key to scale is, well, S.C.A.L.E.

And as we look ahead past Year 5, we’re setting out to revolutionize the way all of B2B tech scales.

A new approach to SCALE

Scale is possible when you center the people, the systems and the actions that help your organization move quickly and with purpose. And our new guiding light – the S.C.A.L.E. Framework – brings together the components that are critical to get right in order to do just that.

At Sales Assembly, we combine modern learning & development for every role, essential advisory and strategy-building, and a robust community of peers. All supported through implementation and enablement resources.

  • Strategy: Gain access to the insights, frameworks and best practices necessary to build a go-to-market foundation that drives sustained and continuous growth.
  • Community: A community of revenue professionals, so teams move faster and smarter through learning with (and from) their peers.
  • Acceleration: All learning and membership benefits are ready to deploy on Day 1 due to an easy to implement, turnkey membership model which scales with your business as you grow.
  • Learning & Development: From foundation-building to skill development, Sales Assembly learning opportunities are practical and relevant to each persona. This allows each member of your team to ramp quickly and prepare for their next role.
  • Enablement: Turn learning into action, with resources and adoption plans aligned to all programming and membership events. Education investment becomes organizational impact.

S.C.A.L.E. – with strategy, community and learning at the center and powered by responsive activation of resources and guidance on how to effectively implement plans – is what Sales Assembly membership is all about. It’s what we’ll use to continue to fuel the growth of the companies we serve and all of the revenue professionals in their commercial organizations that have access to and tap into programming, community and membership benefits every single day.

We’re pumped for this next chapter, and believe that with S.C.A.L.E. – and the new plan types we’ve just introduced so that membership grows as our members’ needs evolve and change – will be the secret for so many revenue leaders, enablement teams and builders on the front lines who want to empower their people and give them the cutting edge they need to adapt, learn and grow. Together.

And with awesome stuff on the horizon, like new advisory and training options, more functionality for teams in our Member Portal, hundreds of upcoming live and on-demand training options, a community that’s supercharged to learn and grow together and new, dedicated resources for leaders, we’re ready for 2023.

Here’s to 5 years. And to a billion more. We’re on this ride with all of you, and can’t wait to see what we get to do together.

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A Better Way to Scale

Learn how Sales Assembly enables commercial orgs to train their teams, access modern advisory and tap into the broader B2B tech community to fuel their efforts to SCALE. All in one membership.
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