Compensation trends have been on a rollercoaster the last few years. And as tech has braced for another round of changes — some companies ramping up certain selling functions and others right-sizing teams — it’s helpful to know where compensation is landing as the dust settles.

Our partners at Rainmakers recently collected and analyzed compensation trends for 2022 for both Sales Development professionals and Account Executives. I joined Christina Brad, Chief Strategy Officer at Sales Assembly, to break down some interesting cuts of the data.

Compensation Trends for Sales Development Professionals

What stuck out to us the most was the return to pre-COVID trends that SDR compensation trends in 2022 showed.

SDR’s average base income is around $59,000, with an OTE of about $81,000.  Christina and I break down the metrics below:

Account Executive Salaries vary by Location

Although it may not be surprising, compensation for Account Executives varies still in 2022 by location and geography of the rep and of the company. Although a more distributed workforce has made more level compensation a consideration for both leaders and sellers, cost of living and other geographic-based factors still have an impact on both base salaries and OTE.

Christina and I dug a bit deeper here:

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Account Executive Salaries by Role and Function

Not all sales are created equal? The data seems to prove it out, and we had the most fun dissecting what it means to sell to different industries (IT, HR, Marketing, Sales) on both the sales process, expertise needed, and, yes, comp.

Christina’s take is particularly interesting: check it out below:

Thank you to our friends at Rainmakers for compiling the data and for partnering with Sales Assembly.