Member Perks

Here you will find all of the special members-only discounts and perks offered to Sales Assembly members. For a connection to any of our excellent partners below, please email [email protected] and we’ll happily make an introduction!

Spiff is the leading commission automation platform for finance, sales operations, and sales teams. Manage complex commission plans, offer real-time visibility, and build trust across your organization with Spiff.

Through its partnership with Sales Assembly, Spiff is offering members two, 1hr compensation consulting sessions with Spiff’s VP of Compensation. Spiff’s compensation experts will work with you to answer questions, make recommendations, and show you how your compensation structure stacks up against industry benchmarks.

IDA Ireland is here to help assists businesses that may be setting up their first international operation or establishing a presence in the European market. Ireland is a world class location where emerging businesses can locate, grow, and promote global ambitions. If you would like an introduction to the VP of Emerging Business Suzanne Lynch, please email [email protected] and we will happily make the introduction.

Vidyard is the sales video software tool you need to help you close more deals. Easily create and share personalized videos throughout your entire sales cycle.

Communicate better with prospects, customers, and teams to generate more leads and close more deals.

Get Vidyard PRO 3 months for free: use code SA2023

For Sales Assembly members, get special insider access to a 21-day free trial of Gong. If you love what you see (and you will), you also get a 10% discount after the trial is over, for new customers only.

The Upwork Sales Leadership team leverages their own freelance community every day to power their go-to-market engine. They’ve compiled a list of all of the sales & marketing ops and enablement resources they lean into to get work done efficiently and cost effectively, and Sales Assembly members receive a preferred rate of 20% off of their Enterprise Suite of products. Learn more about how Upwork can power your GTM strategy here!

Lavender is the #1 AI email assistant for Sales. It compares your Sales email against millions of data points to find and fix anything that reduces replies to your emails, templates, and sequences. With Lavender, you can personalize an email in <30 seconds. It integrates with Gmail, Outlook 365, Outreach, and SalesLoft. Sales Assembly members get access to a 30-day free trial of Lavender Pro. Use the promo code “SALESASSEMBLY4” to get started now. Click here!

Accord is here to help high-growth sales teams and leaders hit their revenue targets by creating a seamless and repeatable buying experience. Think: ‘Mutual Action Plans’ that customers actually engage with and reps love to use. Moving B2B sales from Vendorship → Partnership.

If you want to learn more about Accord and how to use the incredible platform, click here and be sure to sign up for the solo tier to give it a try for yourself!

Revenue Grid is a revenue intelligence platform that helps businesses identify and prevent revenue leaks at any stage of the revenue generation process. Revenue Grid stops revenue leaks in 4 steps: automatically capturing all relevant sales activities, analyzing data with AI, implementing changes to sales processes with Revenue Signals, and measuring the effectiveness of those changes.

Sales Assembly members are invited to an exclusive offer of 25% as a new customer. Check to see where your revenue leakage is today!

Showpad’s all-in-one platform empowers sales and marketing teams to engage buyers by integrating industry leading training and coaching software with innovative content solutions. Using the most comprehensive data on successful sales interactions, Showpad fuels AI to discover, replicate, and automate what works for top performers. Please email [email protected] and we will make an introduction ASAP!

Challenger offers Sales Assembly members complimentary access to the Challenger Selling Foundations multi-module digital course. This course will give learners access to fundamentals of the Challenger Approach. Click here to learn more and get started!

WorkRamp is the all-in-one learning platform built for the modern enterprise. Through self-guided learning modules, interactive coaching functionalities, and robust certification paths, WorkRamp allows teams to build customized learning experiences at scale for employees, customers, and partners.

Sales Assembly customers are entitled to an automatic 15% friends and family discount on all WorkRamp Services. Please complete the form on the landing page below to take advantage of your 15% friends and family discount.

6sense would like to offer Sales Assembly members an opportunity to get a customized list of accounts that are currently in-market their solution. Click here to get started.

Check out these sales gifting templates and best practices from the team at Postal. Bookmark this resource for when your team needs an extra boost of inspiration.

Walnut is the world’s first sales experience platform, giving B2B sales teams the ability to create interactive and customized sales demos without coding. To learn more, visit today!

We teamed up with Dooly to give Sales Assembly members access to Dooly Premier for up to 5 people for a year — so you have the tools you need to smash your revenue goals. Get the details here!

Outreach offers Sales Assembly members who are new Outreach customers with a 10% discount off their list price per seat.

#samsales Consulting is offering a complimentary six months to their #samshorts All-Access Annual Subscription for all Sales Assembly members!

For every member of Sales Assembly, PREP Profiles will provide a free Personal Strengths Assessment and coaching guide for 1 person per company. It can be for a manager or sales rep. A 30 minute consultation will be provided, along with the report so the manager knows what it all means.

Right Choice is Chicago’s premier contingency sales recruiting firm, sourcing and placing candidates nationally. Right Choice offers Sales Assembly members with $5,000 OFF their first placement.