Let’s Partner!

Gain access to decision-makers at the most prominent B2B tech companies, AND build long-standing partnerships with them…through Sales Assembly.

You’ll Be in Good Company

Real Insights from Real Leaders

Learning isn’t passive, and insights from your partnership with Sales Assembly won’t be either. From peer-based interaction in live programs, to insights in Peer Groups for 12+ roles across the go-to-market organization, and strategic introductions to executives, your prospective customers will know more about your brand, and your team will know more about your customers.

Awareness with an Engaged Audience

With 200+ member companies and nearly 7,000 individuals from across the B2B tech ecosystem, get in front of highly engaged revenue teams to share your insights, incorporate your tools, and position your value proposition in front of your Ideal Customer Profile.

Partnership, Not Sponsorship

We’ll build a partnership plan with you that is outcome-focused, and aligns with your marketing objectives. Whether they be awareness, pipeline generation, customer insights, or all of the above, we’ll create a plan, manage progress, and track towards shared metrics of success.

“We first partnered with Sales Assembly in early 2020 while testing a few different channels at the time. Sales Assembly consistently outperformed other partnership investments with their focus on clear and quantifiable ROI.

3 years later, we continue to partner with Sales Assembly and see no reason why we would ever stop.”


“Sales Assembly is, hands down, the BEST partner a company can have if you’re selling into B2B revenue leaders. We had been partnering with them while I was at Challenger for years, and I was happy to find out that Lavender had partnered with them not long before I joined!”


“The best community, and the best people, hands down. Sales Assembly was one of our best partners at Chili Piper for years, and the first thing I did when I joined Apollo was to make sure we got involved.”


Partnership Opportunities

Contact us to create a bespoke package that aligns with your marketing initiatives!

VIP Dinner Partnership

$15,000 / each
  • 25-35 VP and C-level revenue leaders
  • Category exclusivity
  • Branding on pre-event invitations
  • Collaboration on invitation list
  • Attendee and registration list provided
  • Thank you + CTA included in follow up
  • “Surprise and delight” deliverable for attendees

General Partnership

$35,000 / year
  • 12-month partnership
  • Membership into Sales Assembly
  • Perk / CTA offered to every member
  • Contribute thought leadership content to blog, newsletter & social
  • Branding on Sales Assembly events
  • Preferential treatment regarding speaking opportunities

  • Quarterly new business pipeline reviews

Category Partnership

$75,000 / year
  • Everything included in General Partnership, plus:

  • Strict category exclusivity

  • Dedicated partnership success manager
  • Monthly new business pipeline reviews
  • 1:1 introductions to decision makers at SA members

  • Opportunity to sit on Sales Assembly advisory board

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