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Strategies to Effectively Up-Sell or Cross-Sell a Current Client

Being able to effectively up-sell or cross-sell a current client is a highly sought after skill for today’s salespeople. A strong salesperson who can up-sell or cross-sell a current client is adding to the bottom line in a significant way. We asked five of Chicago’s top sales leaders about their strategies to effectively up-sell or cross-sell a current client. Here are their answers:

Christie Bear, VP of Sales at YCharts: Make them love you first. You cannot ask for more until you exceed what they initially came to you for. Once that part is solidified, just keep looking for ways that you can help them accomplish their needs and wants more. Be proactive about letting them know that you know their business and have ideas that you think can help them or add value. If you approach it this way, I've found that people welcome the conversation, as opposed to feeling like you are selling them more.

Steve Baumgartner, VP of Sales at Civis Analytics: The key to up-selling and cross-selling an existing customer is always talking about what comes next in their own capabilities and the tools and processes they'll need to move forward. A purchase always needs to be part of a broader story.

Laura Johnston, VP of Business Development at Sertifi: The biggest thing is to stay abreast of their account after going live and to make sure you know the ins and outs of their business to determine where those up-sells or cross-sells may lie. Making sure they are happy and that the initial solution they purchased is solving the problems they needed it to. From there, making sure you are looking at every internal use case of theirs to mutually decide if there is a fit for other products, or the same product within different divisions of the organization. Also, make sure your customers know your full product suite and are notified of any new solutions that are available.

Gregg Reid, Sr. Director of Field Ops at DocuSign: When looking to up-sell or cross-sell, we focus on customers where we have existing customer stories, driven by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes. We put together a 12-3-1 plan (12-month goals, 3-month goals, 1-month goals) for each account, establishing benchmarks.

Jon Knott, Head of Learning and Development at ShipBob: What I've found successful when coaching our teams to up-sell is to get back to basics - By reiterating the future vision we're creating together and the value we're able to provide with the new solution, we tap into the reason we're partnering in the first place. As long as we've set expectations regarding our constant commitment to develop and iterate on new ways to provide value to our customers, any new solution we have to provide will seem like a no-brainer.

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