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How Maropost is Laser-Focused on Making their Product Easy to Purchase

Maropost simplifies customer engagement with their unified platform that is designed to connect companies with their customers at every step of the journey. Maropost lives this by making their purchasing process as frictionless and enjoyable as possible. Their business thrives from high customer loyalty and the trust built in those relationships, through value-add selling and being genuinely nice people.

We wanted to learn their secret. So we sat down with some Maropost team members – including SVP of Sales, Dustin Deno, RVP of Sales, Jeff Poczatek, and Account Executives Kevin Grupe and Bailey Mahlberg – to learn how they make Maropost as easy as possible to purchase.

Sales Assembly: What role do you personally play within Maropost as it pertains to making your product easy to purchase?

Dustin Deno, SVP of Sales: My role is to be obsessed about being easy to buy from. There is so much noise in the technology industry—I need to look at every area of our process and remove any and all friction. Whether a prospect buys or not, I want them to walk away saying, “That was a pleasant experience.” It’s my job to make that a top priority for the entire company.

Jeff Poczatek, RVP of Sales: In my position, I’m responsible for small- and medium-sized business growth. That means being relentlessly focused on humanizing how Maropost engages with prospects to create a different kind of buying experience. We have to be relevant and add value at every touch point, or else we are wasting their time.

Kevin Grupe, Account Executive: My role is to be the main point of contact for small- and medium-sized businesses evaluating Maropost. We know that evaluating marketing software is time-consuming, and there are many vendors to choose from. We go out of our way to be human, empathetic and easy to work with during evaluations. Even if you don't choose Maropost, we want you to walk away feeling like you had a great experience and would speak with us again down the road.

Bailey Mahlberg, Account Executive: As the primary point of contact for prospective Maropost customers, I’m responsible for leading a seamless evaluation process and providing a positive experience—whether they decide to partner with us or not. This role challenges me every day to put myself in the customers’ shoes and truly understand his/her goals. I’m always looking for ways to be engaging and add value, while also staying relevant and humanizing our approach.

Sales Assembly: How was Maropost able to build a painless buying journey?

Dustin: Doing things that scale are important in a growing company, but the customer typically suffers when you scale. From the very top of this organization, we invest in things that don’t necessarily scale but impact the customer in ways that create loyalty and advocacy. Specifically, each of our customers gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) and full onboarding. Most software companies would say that doesn’t scale. We say why not design the software to be easily implemented and have a strong support team guiding the way?

Jeff: Sales automation has caused a lot of problems for prospective buyers. They’re forced to sift through cluttered inboxes, invasive voicemails and LinkedIn messages that have no relevance or value add. We are fundamentally against the model of more activity equals better results. While activity is important, we are focused on the right activity. We constantly ask ourselves, “Would you respond if you received an email or voicemail like that?”

Kevin: Our entire business model is focused on providing a great customer experience. There are a lot of vendors that claim to put the customer first, but Maropost lives by this philosophy. We offer an enterprise grade marketing platform at affordable pricing and do not believe in making customers pay for an expensive third-party implementation. We truly view our customers as partners and offer them white glove service at every step of the way to ROI and beyond.

Bailey: We’re in an industry with an endless number of solutions, but we pride ourselves on being obsessed with customer success. Our growth has forced us to be agile and pivot when necessary, but we will always do what's best for our current and prospective customers. Regardless of the situation, our team is consistently going above and beyond to ensure a positive experience with our brand.

Sales Assembly: How does this focus on making your product easy to purchase directly impact Maropost’s overall success?

Dustin: We are laser-focused on time to value for our customers. While the heavy lifting up front is different compared to most models, we feel it directly tackles the problem of SaaS today—many projects are going over budget and past deadline. Providing a shortened time to value drives long term growth for us.

Jeff: Being thoughtful, creative and driven by value in our prospect outreach has led to stronger, more meaningful and more loyal customer relationships built on trust. When you have a strong partnership with the right type of customer, account growth becomes organic. Instead of pushing solutions to customers to grow at all costs, you are in agreement on the solutions that make the most sense for their business.

Kevin: We are constantly learning and open to feedback. Our evaluations are led by our prospect’s needs and timelines – not ours. Our team is focused on adding value whenever they engage with us. This builds trust, and after a great experience with our implementation team, a lasting partnership.

Bailey: We put our customers first, because our success is driven by theirs. We also believe in a work environment that promotes constant collaboration, learning and innovation. Our team is transparent, and we are creating a community of internal and external advocates.

Sales Assembly: What are the top 3 best practices that made Maropost so great at building an effortless buying journey?

Dustin: Simplified pricing: At Maropost, we like to be as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing. There are a lot of variables to cover, but we do our best to make it simple to consume. Dedicated onboarding and support: If our customers don’t use all of the platform, it isn’t sustainable for us long term. We spend a significant amount of time and energy getting our customers up and going quickly. Transparency during the sales cycle: Our sales team doesn’t want to leave a bunch of voicemails or drown our prospects with emails, so we try not to get to that point. We do that by doing our best to understand their specific problem, diagnose (with their numbers) how big the problem is, then prove how Maropost can solve it. We educate them on how we can transform their customer engagement, and we're very direct and transparent along the way. We don’t want to be annoying sales people any more than our prospects want us to be.

Jeff: We Have Feedback Loops: It’s easy to lose the voice of the customer as you scale, so to avoid that, we constantly connect the outputs across departments to drive further inputs within product, service, sales, etc. We’re Value driven: SaaS sales has been historically plagued by the Sales Rep with a hammer syndrome, where every prospect’s pain seems like a nail. Prospects and their needs come in all shapes and sizes, so we have to understand that one process (usually driven by the Account Executive) may not be what’s always best for the prospect. We have a legendary customer service team: Having a team in house that owns implementation, onboarding and ongoing support means we’re able to create strong relationships and increase our customers’ time to value more than other competitors.

Kevin: It starts with the evaluation process. We realize that no one jumps out of bed every morning excited to speak with a SaaS Account Executive. Our pricing is simple and easy to digest, and we will work to create a custom marketing solution tailored specifically to the prospect’s needs. From there, our team is focused on implementing the customer’s plan and standing up our software quickly to speed up their time to value.

Bailey: We Listen: We are hyper-focused on the voice of the customer, and we not only ask for feedback but are consistently redefining what it means to provide exceptional service. We Are Industry Experts: From sales to service to deliverability, our team brings a wealth of industry knowledge from a variety of industry leaders. We Offer Unparalleled Customer Support: Maropost is an enterprise-level solution, but we do all the heavy lifting when it comes to implementation and onboarding. The goal is to position ourselves as an extension of our customers’ marketing teams.

Sales Assembly: How is the market solving this problem today?

Dustin: Many sales teams are leveraging methodologies that were created in the 60’s and 70’s. The landscape has flipped on its head, the buyers are different, and so much information is available to everyone. I think we are seeing a shift in how people approach this problem, but very few have mastered it. The traditional SaaS salesperson needs to adapt. Creativity, business acumen and project management are the new skills needed. At Maropost, we aim to lead from the front, but we’re all figuring out the new landscape together.

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