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How Hireology's Sales Training Program Creates Opportunity for Sales Career Progression

Hireology’s mission is to help companies build their best teams. In order to do this, they invest significant resources in continuous training for their sales team to provide the best opportunities for career progression. By having a strong sales training program that is ever-evolving, they’re able to successfully hit their ambitious company goals.

We wanted to learn their secret. We sat down with some Hireology team members – including VP of Sales, Max Lowenbaum, Sales & Customer Success Training Manager, Lauren Tomboni, and Sales Development Manager, Jeff Brandwein – to learn how their sales training program creates opportunity for career progression.

Sales Assembly: What role do you personally play in Hireology’s sales training program as it pertains to creating opportunity for sales career progression?

Lauren Tomboni, Sales & Customer Success Training Manager: I develop & execute continuing education trainings for entry level and ramped reps. Additionally, I guide all sales & customer success new hires through four weeks of on-boarding before transitioning them to their department manager.

Jeff Brandwein, Sales Development Manager: I manage, train, coach and develop our BDR team into our future salesforce.

Max Lowenbaum, VP of Sales: I oversee both our sales training program and our career progression program; however, neither would be as amazing as they are without my incredible team of managers and reps who are focused on improving the skill set of our team and hitting our numbers. On the sales training side, I developed our sales training philosophy and our sales process. We created both of these based on best practices from our top performers and the sales leadership experience of myself and our management team. Both are constantly evolving and are the two biggest focuses of 2019 for our sales team.

Sales Assembly: What makes your company better at sales training that creates opportunity for your sales representatives than any other company?

Lauren: One of the most important factors is shared languages - our universal competency framework that we use across the company to evaluate performance & growth. Our leadership team and individual contributors are all on the same page with what skills are needed in order to be successful in seat (a sales role), at what point a rep should start displaying the skills that they have mastered and when to deploy training to support improvement if a rep needs more training based on our competency framework.

Jeff: Our training team and I work as one; we treat the new hires like a very delicate and valuable baton. They teach the foundational skills, and I commit to ongoing training, whether it be 1:1 training or weekly team trainings. Our passion and relentless focus on learning and developing after the ramp period is something that separates us from the pack.

Max: Our entire mission is centered around growth, and we can't grow as a business without giving our sales team the opportunity to grow. Our career progression program is the most transparent I have ever seen with clear rules. It is also the most lucrative I have ever seen, with the ability to be promoted every quarter and increase your earning potential and responsibilities.

Sales Assembly: How does having a great sales training program that creates the opportunity for upward mobility directly impact the overall success of the company?

Lauren: We’ve taken this shared language around how the reps’ skills will scale as they grow here (qualitative) and married them to the KPIs (quantitative). This allows our managers and reps to have a holistic view of performance and career progression. We recognize when the numbers aren’t the whole story.

Jeff: In my many years at Hireology, I have seen our best reps grow from our entry level sales roles into our top-performing salespeople, and that is what makes me so passionate about training and development. The training and development of our people is our competitive advantage. If we hire people who are willing to give 100 percent effort everyday and are relentless towards achieving their potential, then all we need to do is train, coach and develop them. A combination of effort and skill matched with our expertise and focus on developing reps will be the reason we achieve all of our ambitious goals as a company.

Max: Hireology is built around people, both our business and our product, and we are nothing without our team. One of our core values is to be Eager to Improve, and every Hireologist comes to work everyday looking for opportunities for growth.

Sales Assembly: What do you think are the top 3 best practices that makes your company so great at this type of sales training?

Lauren: 1 - Uniform role play/shadowing; each manager observes their reps a few times a quarter using the same scorecard and scoring methodology from team to team. 2 - The sales process is the skill roadmap; we know which skills contribute to each stage & manage to that. 3 - Weekly 1:1s; time to review qualitative feedback on skill development and quantitative pacing to goals.

Jeff: 1 - 30-minute daily huddles - Wednesday We Sweep (I teach the group a specific competency), Teachable Thursday (A rep teaches the team a specific skill) and Friday Theater Class (We get in at 8 a.m. to role play objections). 2 - Monthly "Pebbles" Reviews (Reps set objectives and results for each month and present to the group). 3 - I commit to 2.5 hours of 1:1 time with each rep on my team where we role play, clean up accounts and cold call together.

Max: 1 - Constant training and development opportunities. 2 - transparent career progression. 3 - a culture that encourages and rewards growth. We promoted 44 percent of our entire company last year and 25 individuals last quarter. Our focus is career development and on-going training that allows our team members to drive their careers here at Hireology. For sales & customer success, we've outlined a clear career progression based on their performance where they can get promoted after three months if they're achieving 125 percent of their quota, or after six months if they hit 100 percent of their quota - it's very effective as some of our top sales reps started here as BDRs and have received 6+ promotions. We reward the hard work and achievement that it takes to get there with uncapped commission and unlimited career progression. Some of our best leaders started on our sales team and are now leading our Sales, Customer Success and Product teams.

Sales Assembly: How many employees did you promote in Q1 of 2019?

Max: 25!

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