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Best Practices to Provide a Career Path for Top Performers

Showing professionals, particularly the younger ones, the growth potential at a company is valuable, especially in the tight tech sales market. Not only will this help attract talent, but it’ll continuously motivate team members to bring their best to work to progress along the path. We asked five top sales leaders from Chicago and Indianapolis about their best practices for providing a career path for top performers. Here are their answers:

Justin Cardillo, VP of Sales at PerkSpot: Set very clear goals with metrics that are easy to follow.

Rich Dastice, Sr. Recruiting Manager at NCSA: For those just starting out, they may not be sure where their true passion lies. So, a career path isn’t always linear - moving up the ladder to the next pay grade and job title. A successful career path today for top performers is one that allows for exploration and discovery. With a young salesforce, it’s important to give them a chance to build a career foundation first through continuing education combined with their real-world experience.

Justin Fite, CSO at Lessonly: Involve your top performers in the "problem solving" of the team. They often have knowledge of areas of improvement and some ownership of creating a solution (mini-project) can get them leadership experience and perhaps some exposure to management, if they wish to consider that path.

James McGuinness, Director of Sales at YCharts: I consult with my top performers early and often — I ask about their career goals, then aim to provide the stepping stones they need. I’ve found honesty is vital here, and I always aim to set realistic expectations for both employees and myself. I consider it a success when my top performers advance their careers, whether that be within the company or elsewhere. This approach not only helps top performers become even better, but it also builds trust and leads to higher retention.

Andy Mack, CEO at SnapMobile: Define and re-define success each year. Expectations are everything when it comes to keeping top people engaged. It's critical to understand what motivates these top performers (money, responsibility, etc.). Decide on a path for personal and professional growth and lay out the plan for the coming years.

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