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Winners of the 2019 Performer of the Year Awards

Our inaugural Performer of the Year award winners are comprised of those who went above and beyond within the revenue organization from members of our community. We wanted to recognize these outstanding individuals for all of their hard work this past year as their companies continue to scale to new heights. Each winner was nominated by a leader within their revenue organization, so enjoy their insights, celebration of praise and some humor!

Jordan has consistently gone above and beyond in each role that he has held at ActiveCampaign in the last three years. He is a consistent top-performer, team leader and is never afraid to tackle large opportunities. He led our team in percent-to-goal (130% for 2019), opportunities closed and was invited to President's Club for the second year in a row. Jordan leads beyond his role by mentoring reps in Business Development. He is a resource for aspiring reps and sets a great example with his diligence and work ethic. He embodies the ActiveCampaign value of "Pursue Growth with Gratitude."

Matt is a sales rep who dedicates himself to knowing the products he sells and how those help customers solve problems. He's also a great teammate who helps new hires, develops leads for colleagues outside of his business unit by asking great questions, and has a very strong work ethic. Lastly, of course, is the focus on results. Matt increased year-over-year sales for his business by 30%.

Walter Edwards had a fantastic year at Barcodes. He grew his book of business over 80% in 2019, and it is the third consecutive year of 35%+ growth in his book of business. He regularly challenges his clients to do things differently to be more productive. He also has relationships with many people over multiple departments in his book. By having multiple relationships with each client and truly understanding their business, Walter is considered to be a trusted advisor by many of his clients. Walter is also an asset to the team internally by assisting his peers, mentoring new Account Executives and always having a positive attitude.

John stepped into a new position this year, taking on much of the responsibility of reforming PayPal's largest sales organization. He crafted policies and procedures that effectively defined new sales team structures and distributed prospects and clients evenly. He also played a heavy role in setting new goals for 2020. Through it all, John remained the guy you come to with a complex issue; his level-headedness and wisdom always led to solutions. On top of it all, he maintains a friendly demeanor and inspires others in the sales operations org to work hard and drive to creative solutions.

Possessing the very highest levels of integrity, Taylor is the salesperson that prospects only dream about. He's a trailblazer within our organization, always paving the road for new roles/teams by stepping in and doing what's necessary. Taylor Grinney will forever be a Buildout Legend!

Tracy has been a top performer for GiveSmart by Community Brands for three years. What made 2019 an exceptional year for Tracy is that in a year when both our organization and the industry changed, she consistently evaluated the market and herself and made necessary adjustments to stay at the top of the leaderboard. With her positive and proactive attitude, Tracy not only exceeded her quota but acted as a trusted resource for our partners and our internal team. She is a leader in her approach and work ethic which is recognized by management and especially her peers. Tracy is constantly striving to make herself better, not only through our training and development programs but also through personal development. She's a major asset to GiveSmart and the fundraising technology space.

Ben is an exemplary salesperson and sales leader. He thinks big but truly cares about the little things. He shows conviction in his solution but focuses on how we can drive results for the customer. He leads by example and with empathy. Ben serves as the Team Lead (front line leader) of the Compass Growth org in the midwest. 2019 was his first year in a leadership role, and he quickly proved his value in impacting growth (38% YoY) as well as the success of his team (75% of ICs over 100% for the year). Over the course of the year, he helped to implement a more sophisticated sales motion, managed personnel changes and played a crucial role as Compass grew from a Top 10 Chicago brokerage to #2. He did all of that while balancing work and life -- he welcomed his second son in the summer -- and serves as an example to all that work/life harmony is possible. I can't think of a better example of a Chicago Sales leader, or a more deserving winner of this award.

Kevin joined DialogTech in 2019 and brought with him a true operational focus. He rolled out a new sales process, rebuilt our forecasting models, started our enablement function, invested in new tools and was one of the most important people to our business. He has passion and energy that he brings to work every day and has the highest level of accountability for himself. I am lucky to work with Kevin as I continue to learn from him constantly.

She's a leader in SMB, but also a leader for the entire Chicago office. I've never heard Judy say "that's not my job." She has participated and led trainings for growers and AEs, and continued to be a mentor for many. She has a positive attitude and is deeply tied to the Glassdoor mission. She's been with Glassdoor for 5+ years, and I've never seen her display an ounce of seniority or ego. Her influence is also not specific to Chicago! She's led trainings across our offices to help empower everyone! She is a large part of the MV office, and has also helped train and develop reps overseas, especially the Dublin office. TLDR: She's the bomb.com!

Carrie is not your typical millennial... while she's proud to be a quintessential millennial, she demonstrates talents and maturity far beyond her years as Goby's cherished Solutions Engineer. The Solutions Engineer might be lost in the background and not celebrated daily for awards, but that is wrong! The SE can truly be the lynchpin to winning deals. Beginning at Goby fresh out of undergrad a few years back (studied rocket science, literally, briefly), Carrie quickly learned to code and master our SaaS product; she is seen as a subject matter expert at our company though she is one of our youngest employees. We had never had a Solutions Engineer before, but she picked up on the role like a natural, ran with it, and never looked back... She is one of the few people that is techy enough to get into the bowels of our code and have meaningful epiphanies, but also personable enough to get in front of a customer and explain to them what they are seeing and why in simple terms. Her attitude and can-do/will-do attitude, no job too big or too small, makes her a pleasure to be around and makes her a true asset to our company. Her ideas, demos, creativity, and demeanor have helped us close and win deals that we would not have gotten without her... She is passionate about her work, and also about her beliefs as a citizen of Earth. Anyone who spends 5+ minutes with her can see that Carrie is extremely talented and deserves to be recognized in the SA community!

Sydni was promoted from General Manager to Regional Manager of the Central/West region in 2019. With a focus on growth mindset, she led her region (which includes Interior Define's Chicago flagship store) to hit their quarterly targets. When she's not analyzing her business and driving real results, Sydni's main focus is developing her people. Since her promotion, she has seen two of her direct reports promoted from Assistant Sales Manager to General Manager. She also leads from within the team, never from above. You will often find Sydni working the sales floor alongside her teams during store visits.

Max is not only a supremely good human, but he is also one of the most helpful, kind, and hard-working people at Jellyvision. What makes Max a superhuman seller is his ability to not only work hard but work smart. He is always the first person to adopt new technology (he loves Gong and Sendoso), but he sends out examples of success and helpful tactics. He is collaborative and always the first person to step up for a challenge. This resulted in Max having a stellar 2019 - becoming the first person to hit quota in the revenue org, be promoted to Team Lead and generate the most revenue on the enterprise sales team.

Chris Dempsey led the sales team in total sales in 2019 and shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. He continues to close at a high rate while acting as a mentor for new hires and those new to sales. Insurance can be complicated but Dempsey does a great job of navigating the ins and outs of our product while simultaneously educating the customer.

On his way to his own record-breaking 250% of quota year as an Enterprise segment seller, Danny mentored and coached others and was instrumental in helping 80% of LogicGate's sellers achieve their annual quota in 2019. He leads by example, enthusiastically gives his time and energy to others. He's a master of his craft - he knows the products and services he sells intimately and innately and instinctively demonstrates the greatest elements of sales methodologies. Plus, he's a lawyer turned sales guy... :)

Johan has flipped the Mediafly Demand Gen engine on its head since joining us 10 months ago. By taking over digital marketing with his very analytical (former scientist) mindset, incessant curiosity, and consistent tenacity for astute optimizations, Johan has deployed new data-informed digital tactics alongside a sophisticated ABM strategy that are a 'first' for Mediafly. Thanks to Johan's expertise and close collaboration with the rest of the team, especially the content and web-design arm, we have seen exponential and unprecedented increases in inbounds, lead quality and pipeline, as a result. Thank you, Johan!

Josh has been with Mintel, growing businesses of ours on multiple continents for over six years -- starting and excelling in London, then having the drive to build a business unit in Shanghai, to where he is now with us in Chicago. Today, Josh is pushing us to continue evolving the growth model that has worked so well for us over the years. He is among the first to bring forward new and innovative ideas to ensure our relevancy remains and that we grow even faster by enabling new technologies to enter existing processes of ours.

Tommy had an incredible 2019. He is a jack of all trades at NCSA and his versatility was on full display through the course of the year. Tommy was a top-performing recruiting coordinator before going through our interview process in Q4 earning a promotion into a management role overseeing and running Sales Training. His willingness to help others, the positive attitude he displays daily, and his high level of execution within multiple positions make him a valuable member of this team and well-deserving of this nomination.

Beyond being one of our top two sales performers in 2019, Gabriella was instrumental in our migration and implementation of Salesforce across our entire company. She is a wealth of knowledge and a resource for our entire team. She goes the extra mile to make every sale and has taught herself development skills to build and demonstrate custom solutions for her leads. She was/is instrumental to our overall success as a sales organization.

Unlike most of the other nominees, PathFactory's Performer of the Year isn't a quota-carrying rep. He's our beloved Director of Revenue Operations. Jeremy joined the PathFactory team in August 2019 and in just a few short quarters he has had a huge impact on the company's cross-functional revenue team (sales, marketing, and customer experience) by:

  • Cleaning data: Jeremy initiated a contact audit to ensure customer data is accurate, updating contact roles and permissions, and set up an ongoing reporting process to provide visibility into the company's data cleanliness. With squeaky clean customer data, we can now implement customer lifecycle campaigns that help PathFactory customers generate the most value from their investment in our software at every stage of the customer journey and help our business identify adoption or upsell opportunities, advocacy, or churn risks.

  • Sales and customer success enablement: Jeremy led the creation of new BDR playbooks, initiated and templated CSM playbooks, and conducts regular pipeline reviews and coaching sessions with account executives to hold them accountable for hitting their quotas.

  • Technology management: Jeremy performed a complete review of PathFactory's sales technology stack and saved the company more than $50K in subscription fees by renegotiating contracts, while also adding 2 new vendors to the mix.

  • Operations: Jeremy and his team of one (Annie Nguyen, our incredible Sales Operations Analyst) have created new dashboards for nearly every role in sales and marketing, providing a clear line of sight into new revenue opportunities as well as renewal, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, while collaborating on a new lead-to-revenue model that ensures PathFactory generates the demand and pipeline it needs today for the revenue goals of tomorrow.

Top sales rep - 2 years in a row! 150%+ for 2020 quota. Promoted to a team lead.

Jeff has been paramount in helping PureB2B achieve our lofty growth goals. We've restructured our sales org, planning on doubling our sales org by June of 2020 and overhauling our sales processes to enable our team to scale swiftly, reduce ramp time, and more effectively onboard sales reps. Jeff has taken on this challenge and has already made a HUGE impact on how well our reps are being onboarded and trained. He's a major part of our sales org's growth.

Jamie made a huge impact on our sales team in 2019. She helped to improve our training for both new hires and existing reps, assisted in driving enterprise deals across the finish line and built processes that allowed us to scale smarter. She brings a team-first attitude to work every day and is always identifying ways we can improve our sales organization.

To qualify to have the opportunity to get promoted from BDR to AE, you need 9 months' worth of 100% quota attainment. Mark hit that number in 4.5 months! He has a relentless work ethic.

Trevor is incredibly focused and passionate about both his teammates' success as well as the global sales organization. He has taken on pieces of the new hire training and onboarding and is a critical piece to the success of a new rep. He challenged himself to spend time with our subject matter experts and learn one of our most complex product sets and uncovered $3,364,215 in opportunities in 2019!

In her first year at Sprout (joined in January 2019), Kristy hit over 200% of her quota. Beyond her numbers, Kristy became one of our cultural leaders who demonstrate Sprout's core values of caring deeply, embracing accountability, and championing diversity, equity and inclusion. Kristy selflessly gives her time to teams across Sprout who are anxious to understand what is making her so successful.

Jeff Prigge has been an exceptional, long time member of the Upwork Sales Team. An "OG" of the Upwork family, Rep #3 in Chicago, Jeff has shown constant focus, persistence, skill and will each year regardless of the situation. In this story, you will see how Jeff proved the impossible is possible. The result of hard work, grind, getting creative, asking better questions and frankly prescribing to the client what is needed, Jeff took his Sales Plan from 57% starting 2019 to being the #1 Rep in the Large Account Zone at the end of the year. (MAJOR FEAT! One of the most difficult comebacks to make in Sales). Most give up, run out of steam, or become discouraged, maybe quit their role. Jeff did not. He pushed through the hard days to accelerate his brand, asked for help and partnered with Leadership as needed to revitalize his business. Jeff works with some of our largest clients in the Fortune 500. He has developed, expanded and grown these into partnerships we consider the gold standard of accounts and showcase as some of our key success stories. He is repeatedly on the chart for selling the largest projects and setting a bar for others to follow. Jeff AKA at Upwork as #PriggEconomy #GettinPriggeWithIt #PriggeTime and #BigPriggin we could not be more proud of this professional, world-class Rep and, more importantly, his approach to absolutely crushing 2019 when "it didn't seem possible!"

Naomi goes the extra mile to help others on her team and across the agency. She takes initiative to bring new ideas to the mix that have a positive impact on everyone's job, not just her own. Naomi embodies Walker Sands' core values and is a true team player.

Rebecca has been a one (wo)man show for the past year at WellRight. She hit the ground running bringing more than 40+ new processes and efficiencies to the team all while rocking out 135+ RFPs/RFIs/Security Questionnaires for the year and maintaining our RFP/Project Management database (Loopio) for enhanced responses and accurate and persuasively written content. These were no easy feats, and she did it all before deadlines. She is truly remarkable and should get the accolades she so well deserves! Becky, you're the BEST!


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