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ChurnZero: The Experts on Customer Success and Churn Prevention

ChurnZero is a company that lives in the world of customer success. As a leading customer success software platform, ChurnZero knows a thing or two about enabling customer success teams to fight customer churn. Not only do they work with customer success teams, but they use their own product for their customer success team. This allows them to gain unique insights into their product. We sat down with ChurnZero’s Founder and CEO You Mon Tsang, Vice President of Products and Customer Success Abby Hammer and Customer Success Managers Bora Lee and Chase Tinkham to learn more about how ChurnZero became a leader in customer success.

Sales Assembly: How has ChurnZero been able to become the best-in-class customer success and churn prevention platform?

Abby Hammer, Vice President of Products and Customer Success: ChurnZero is uniquely talented at customer success, because it is our entire world. Our product is a customer success platform, we work exclusively with customer success teams, we advise on best practices for effective customer success programs, we facilitate meetups for customer success professionals - our only goal is to create innovative, yet undeniably useful, solutions and services for customer success professionals. Furthermore, we are intimately aware that our customers look to ChurnZero for examples of effective and proactive customer success programs. This expectation makes our customer success team very motivated and self-reflective. We are constantly evaluating our own processes and looking for opportunities to streamline and improve our customers' experiences.

You Mon Tsang, Founder and CEO: We’ve built a platform for customer success teams that helps them understand their customers and gives them innovative means to get those customers to success. I think it is pretty darn great. But more importantly, our customers think it’s great: we are the highest rated customer success software on G2 Crowd and Capterra. And, of course, we use this platform ourselves.

Chase Tinkham, Customer Success Manager: Hands down, it is the team that works here at ChurnZero and the passion is apparent top-down. You Mon and Mark are passionate, have a solid vision, and are hard-working. That sentiment is emulated across the entire team here at ChurnZero. There's never a "that's not my job" moment or one where a customer's voice isn't heard. Practicing what we preach allows us to deliver a best-in-class solution with the automation, metrics, insight and, most importantly, results that a customer success team should expect from a partner in this space.

Sales Assembly: By being great at customer success and churn prevention, how does this directly impact ChurnZero’s overall success?

You Mon: As a company that sells to customer success teams, we have to be EXCELLENT at it. And excellent customer success means happy successful customers renewing and expanding their relationships. This translates directly to growth and profitability.

Abby: ChurnZero is increasingly celebrated in the customer success space, both by our customers (on sites like G2 Crowd and Capterra) and by independent assessment (awards like the CODiE and Appealie). The theme running through this recognition is that we deliver exceptional customer success, consistently helping our customers get clear, measurable ROI from the solution they purchased, which is exactly what customer success is supposed to do. That's how customer success contributes to the growth of ChurnZero. Those satisfied customers not only renew with us, but they also expand their contracts, and they proactively tell others about ChurnZero, which brings in new customers. Happy customers are a sure-fire way to keep your business healthy and growing.

Chase: A smooth internal process with a fantastic product leads to a better overall experience that the customer loves. It's that simple, and a lot of folks over-complicate this. Customers are happy to serve as references for new customers looking to come onboard which contributes to growth. Their feedback, which we take very seriously, allows us to innovate in ways that make a substantial impact on their day-to-day lives. Ultimately, this leads to them continuing to put their trust in ChurnZero year-over-year. Believing that your customers are one of your best resources and treating them as such is a winning ideology for everyone involved. I bring this lesson back to help my customers instill this philosophy not just in their departments, but across their entire organization.

Sales Assembly: What are the top three best practices that has made ChurnZero leaders in the customer success space?

Bora Lee, Customer Success Manager: 1 - Constant learning and feedback: Whether it is to our processes or our product, ChurnZero is constantly adapting and evolving to remain at the forefront of our industry. 2 - Visibility across customers: ChurnZero is able to provide meaningful insights to businesses on exactly how customers are using their services. The detailed reports and alerts can help customer success teams be more proactive, relevant and attentive at precisely the moment their clients need them. 3 - Automation: ChurnZero is able to take repetitive, time-consuming processes and turn them into automated workflows that can be triggered by specific internal or external activities without losing the customization and personal touch.

You Mon: 1 - We gather data about our customers, objective and subjective. We do not skimp on this. 2 - We are believers in our way, and conviction can lead to greatness. 3 - We hire carefully. We want each new ChurnZero customer success manager (CSM) to be the best at what they do.

Abby: 1 - We focus on customer goals and achievements. All too often, customer success teams get wrapped up in what THEY want out of a customer, what THEY believe goes into success. But effective customer success begins when you flip that focus around and start thinking about what the CUSTOMER wants, what THEY need to achieve and by when. Our customer journey is centered around milestones and achievements on the customer's side, as opposed to milestones on our side. We don't feel they are successful until THEY feel like they are successful - and can prove it too. 2 - We never stop asking our customers questions: What are their goals? Their priorities? Their challenges? The answers to these questions are never stagnant, and it's important to keep re-learning about your customer as your relationship grows. Whatever drives them also drives us. 3 - We use problems as growth opportunities. Every customer success team will have disappointments, and ChurnZero is no exception. But we take special care to use customer problems as an opportunity to learn and improve. As a team, we measure ourselves by the issues we can avoid repeating - and by the issues that we can more proactively head-off.

Chase: 1 - Listen and understand the customer's perspective. Practice empathy and execute accordingly. 2 - Don't be afraid to go against the grain a bit for the sake of "the customer always being right". There's a reason we're working together, and it's not just for the software. It's okay to ask tough questions and steer customers in the proper direction in a non-abrasive manner as long as you've truly listened and are actively guiding them towards their goals. 3 - Respect. Respect your colleagues, respect your customer, respect the process, respect the software, and respect the situation. This, mixed with Points 1 and 2 and some hard work, goes a long way.

Sales Assembly: What advice would you give to someone looking to implement a customer success solution?

Chase: Be open to refinement of your processes and data. You're seeking to solve a problem, and we're in line with that mission. Every single one of my customers’ organizations had their CRM instances and other applications set up in a slightly different way, and we're used to dealing with that. Any organization that you choose will hinge their segmentation, automation and reporting based on your data, so it's important to be willing to refine it to follow best practices. This is absolutely going to ensure your success and will put you in an infinitely better position once you begin your training.

Sales Assembly: What’s your favorite Churn Monster?

You Mon: Well, that would have to be Acquired!


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