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ShipBob's Unique Approach to Talent Acquisition

ShipBob is a company which prides itself on their inclusive and richly diverse company culture. How do they ensure that their hires are strong culture fits with values that align to those of the company? We sat down with ShipBob’s Corporate Recruiter, Kasha Viox, Head of Learning Development Jon Knott, and Business Development Managers Michael Matthew and Jon Jobb to learn more about their unique approach to talent acquisition.

Sales Assembly: How is ShipBob able to build such a diverse company culture?

Michael Matthew, Business Development Manager: We have a unique way of seeing the value in each individual we are meeting with. Not only are we looking for individuals who can excel in a sales role, but we are also looking for someone that can bring a unique, creative approach to ShipBob as a whole. We value culture over anything - because of this, we instill a heavily democratic process when it comes to hiring. We utilize the opinions of each individual on our team, from BDR to CEO, before hiring anybody onboard.

Jon Knott, Head of Learning and Development: Our team has to be aligned on what we’re looking for. It takes a level of trust and confidence in our sales managers to interview and bring on board smart, curious, malleable sales people.

Jon Jobb, Business Development Manager: We tend to focus not only on the core values, but see if they are going to help push our team and company forward. We want to be sure they are a strong culture fit, so they may work collaboratively with the existing team members to create a positive work environment that will thrive on a day-to-day basis.

Kasha Viox, Corporate Recruiter: ShipBob does an excellent job of not only making sure we find candidates with the right skill set, but who are also a culture fit and driven towards the same mission and purpose. We strive to have a sales force rich in diversity and bring on individuals with fresh ideas to help grow our business.

Sales Assembly: How does this focus on talent acquisition directly impact ShipBob’s overall success?

Jon Jobb: We try to hire creative problem solvers that will be able to question our process, and help make edits to our playbook for the entire team to help grow. Constantly hiring smarter people than those in the room will help us think about everything differently and move us forward on a day-to-day basis.

Kasha: By hiring top performers, we’re ensuring that our customers are receiving the best experience and that our brand continues to grow and gain popularity.

Jon Knott: By bringing on a diverse crop of sales professionals from all backgrounds, we debunk group think and encourage an environment where individuality shines.

Michael: A+ players attract A+ players. I believe that we have built a consistently high performing, creative team by utilizing the team members themselves. People want to hire others that push them to the best of their ability, and by taking in the opinions of our team members, we are able to accurately place a good culture fit.

Sales Assembly: What are the top 3 best practices that make your company so great at creating this strong company culture?

Michael: The democratic process as it comes to hiring, weighing culture with the utmost importance, and utilizing the network of all our team members.

Jon Jobb: 1 - Strong culture fit. 2 - Creative problem solver. 3 - Smarter than the one before you.

Kasha: 1 - We screen for the right talent and the best fit for the team. 2 - We are thorough in the interview process and make sure all questions are asked and answered. 3 - Everyone has to be on board. If one person isn’t, we won’t move forward with a candidate.

Jon Knott: Our sales org’s success, and our company’s success for that matter, can be attributed to staying in Discovery Mode by investing in our culture of learning, having a firm understanding of our mission and purpose, and being intolerant of mediocrity.

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