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Fireside Friday with Steve Bachert

This is our interview with Steve Bachert, Chief Revenue Office at FourKites. You can follow FourKites at @FourKites.

Sales Assembly: Give us your quick background in sales.

Steve: I am a veteran of 25+ years leading global teams in B2B Enterprise Software. I've led multiple start-ups to successful exits, been VP of Sales at two Unicorns, and led large teams at PTC and HP.

Sales Assembly: What's your biggest accomplishment in sales or sales leadership?

Steve: Building and leading teams by sharing a vision - and watching those companies have significant successes and multi-billion dollar exits.

Sales Assembly: What's the best piece of sales advice you ever got?

Steve: Locate the origins of the pain and solve for it.

Sales Assembly: What's the biggest challenge facing a sales rep today, and how would you recommend they overcome it?

Steve: Expectations of immediate results - build a plan and show your manager you're working the plan rather than simply "hitting a quarterly number."

Sales Assembly: Do you currently have a mentor when it comes to sales, or have you ever? If so, what did they teach you?

Steve: Mark Cranney at Andreesen Horowitz & PTC.

Sales Assembly: What's the best sales book you've ever read? What are you reading now?

Steve: Power Base Selling, Primal Leadership, Extreme Ownership, Atlas Shrugged.

Sales Assembly: Best sales or business related articles, podcasts or newsletters?

Steve: SalesHacker, Tomas Tungz.

Sales Assembly: What's the best advice you'd give to someone just starting a career in sales?

Steve: Think about why you want to do this. If it's for the money primarily, you'll never be happy. If it's for the chance to solve problems and build great business relationships, you'll be wildly successful.

Sales Assembly: Do you see any interesting future trends as it pertains to sales?

Steve: Analytics...we're just scratching the surface.


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