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Ensuring a Successful Account-Based Sales Strategy

When it comes to building national/global sales for a b2b company, often times the right account-based sales strategy is a major factor. We asked 5 top sales leaders their opinions about what goes into developing a successful account-based sales strategy within a fast growing tech environment. Here are their answers:

Ryan Barretto, SVP of Global Sales at Sprout Social: You have to be clear on your ideal target profile and you need technology to manage and measure your efforts/results. Without clarity and insight, you're flying blind.

Gretchen Keefner, Director of Global Accounts at Bullhorn: Solutions and accounts requiring account-based marketing should only be those that are strategic and complex, requiring buy-in from multiple stakeholders. A successful account-based sales rep will treat his/her account as multiple sub-accounts. They will know exactly who to target and why, regularly engaging all of these decision makers and influencers, moving them toward a defined goal.

Matt Green, SVP at Techweek: Complete alignment between sales and marketing. Initiatives such as drip marketing campaigns, case study distribution, etc amplify the efforts made on the sales side and drive greater ROI. Without alignment and communication with marketing, the sales efforts are much less likely to stick.

Amy Dordek, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Growthplay: Having clear understanding of your target market and their unique challenges and needs is key. How then does your solution specifically addresses their problems? Having an account-based strategy that is specific to the needs of the market ensures that you will resonate with your clients. Developing great discovery guides for specific accounts is also key.

Geoff Winthrop, EVP & Partner at Acquirent: There are a couple parts to this. Having a crystal clear definition of your "Ideal Client Profile" and identifying all the "players" (titles) that are involved in the decision making/influencing process is vital. Building out the companies in your CRM with all relevant contacts + direct dials and email addresses (not using your sales team for this) is also key. Finally, aligning your sales cadence and marketing messaging to complement each other and hit on messaging that each individual contact cares about will help gain traction at large accounts.


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