Learning in a Silo can be Boooooring – Together is Better!

Real Peer-Based Learning

Break out of the four walls of your own organization, and experience the impact your teams will have by learning with, and from their peers throughout B2B tech. Breakouts, collaboration, and open Q&A are cornerstones of all our community-wide programs – including monthly community-wide peer group events.

It’s basically like a cheat code to coming up with new ideas and figuring out answers to problems.

Learn from our Industry’s Experts

Learn from the best across B2B tech – leaders, operators and innovators who have done the job and have lessons to share.

Our roster of expert facilitators spans hundreds of subject matter experts across all GTM functions, and curriculum goes through a specific process to ensure all learning objectives and deliverables align with learner journeys and desired program outcomes.

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Connect & Collaborate

Say goodbye to noisy Slack channels, and hello to in-platform forums and discussion groups!

IRL trainings for reps + exclusive breakfast and dinner experiences for executives, in tech-focused cities all over.

Monthly persona-based Peer Groups bring together dozens of people cross-company to share, ask & collaborate.

Ready to get involved?

Go from frustrated and overwhelmed to fully confident you have top talent that’s prepared to win.

We can be awesome, together :)