Leveraging Sales Assembly to Get Perspectives Outside the Four Walls of Our Company

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INDUSTRY Online Professional Network

Kelly Marberry
Sales Manager, Sales Solutions

“Thanks Sales Assembly for building my network, challenging me to learn from so many great members of the Tech Sales community, and offering my team opportunities to become certified as sales professionals – all while having fun along the way.”

The Biggest Challenge

As a large company, we sometimes fall victim to the common trap of becoming too insular.  Meaning, we look to solve problems with ideas only we have internally, we discuss strategy with only colleagues we work with, and we can at times take the “well, we’ve always done it this way” approach to decision making.  While our people are amazing and have really great ideas and experience to share, any organization – large or small – must get out and talk to and learn from other leaders and other organizations.  We never had a good outlet for this, until Sales Assembly came along.

The Game Changer

Given that the roster of member companies within Sales Assembly consists of well over 100 of the best technology and SaaS companies in the industry, our involvement with Sales Assembly allows us to connect directly with other revenue organizations, leaders and reps (including many of our clients as well) for the purpose of continuous learning & innovation. When we have a question, we can ask. When we have a new strategy we’re working through, we can get feedback and advice. When we need a recommendation on a new vendor or software provider, we can get unbiased opinions. It really brings a great, and needed, perspective.

That’s really the best part about Sales Assembly, in my opinion. It’s the high quality nature of the network they’ve assembled (and continue to build). Plus, the culture that’s been developed is very giving, open and collaborative. I never have issues with reaching out to others I’ve met through SA to get ideas or advice, and I’m always super excited to reciprocate as well.

What Else Should People Know?

These folks rule :)