Building Out Revenue Operations to Fuel Our Growth

HQ Chicago, IL



INDUSTRY Communications Technology

Ankur Passi
VP of Sales

“Our GTM organization has gained invaluable insights from Sales Assembly’s strategy peer groups and tailored training programs. The team at Sales Assembly is made up of expert connectors who have built an incredible community consisting of some of the brightest individuals in technology sales, marketing and operations. I’d highly recommend Sales Assembly to all B2B technology revenue leaders that are working towards fostering a culture of collaboration and growth.”

The Biggest Challenge

We had a massive objective in scaling the Sales & Revenue Operations function. As a company going through scale, we knew we had to be smart, efficient and intentional about everything we did. The old ways of just hiring more reps and throwing them on the phones didn’t cut it. RevOps was going to be a key factor to our growth, but we needed resources and support to help us win in this area.

The Game Changer

With Sales Assembly’s RevOps-focused trainings, certifications, strategic resources and peer groups, our growing Revenue Operations function was able to develop new strategies and initiatives based on key metrics that were being tracked, thus boosting the productivity of the entire sales org. Today, we’re operating at as close to 100% efficiently as possible, and it’s in large part due to the support and guidance received from SA.

Our organization is well positioned and the foundation is laid for scale. We’ve worked hard to enable each and every account executive to be successful. We’ve gathered feedback from seasoned SalesOps professionals on the changes they’ve implemented, to go from 50M to 100M. We’re on the right track and have had positive reinforcement along the way.

What Else Should People Know?

You can’t do this (scale) alone, no matter how large your organization! All the trainings, peer groups & mentorship have enabled us to grow >100% YoY. Thank you!