Accelerating the Development of Our Brand New SaaS Offering

HQ Chicago, IL

STAGE Series D



INDUSTRY Transportation Technology, Marketplace

Matt Sullivan
SVP of Sales

“Sales Assembly really helps reps perform better by not only educating and building their skills through formal trainings & certifications, but also by allowing folks to connect & collaborate with their peers which in itself is a totally different and hugely valuable approach to development.”

The Biggest Challenge

While we were already a very successful startup in the parking sector through our mobile app and marketplace, back a few years ago we began strategizing on how to add a SaaS offering for our suppliers which necessitates a whole new way of selling for my team. We also needed to create a Revenue Engine to drive repeatable SaaS revenue at scale, which quite frankly we didn’t have the background to execute. We needed guidance, advisory, resources and frameworks to help us put the pieces together for this new strategy, and build it in a way where we could also avoid the likely missteps that other companies go through when having to figure everything out for the first time, on their own.

The Game Changer

We’ve gotten more value that I can truly recognize from our Sales Assembly membership over the years!  As we continued to build out our SaaS offering, things like strategy discussions during the peer groups to formal training programs to access to processes and frameworks really provided the complete direction we needed.  The various viewpoints and resources provided to us, at a pace we were comfortable with, helped us to grow properly and ultimately accelerate our results.  You just don’t get this type of unique value and support from a singular consultant or a 3rd party resource built around things like slack channels and impersonal webinars.

As a result, we’ve also now been able to completely re-organize the Sales team, moving from a regional structure to a functional structure and bringing Sales Ops and Field Ops into the sales org to create a new Revenue Operations function. In large part, this effort was informed by what I had learned through Sales Assembly over the last 2 years.

What Else Should People Know?

As a marketplace business, we focused on the consumer side to drive revenue to suppliers and highlight our value that way – so we really have very little B2B Marketing. But as we moved down the market, a formalized B2B program became necessary. Sales Assembly is great because they were able to  provide education and training in this area and their network of fast-growing tech companies has facilitated peer conversations which have helped inform a major organizational effort at SpotHero. SA is really a complete resource for all facets of the revenue organization – not just sales.