Building a Baseline for Employee Growth

HQ Chicago, IL

STAGE Series C



INDUSTRY Tech Hiring Platform

Emma Galler
VP of Sales

“Sales Assembly has been an instrumental partnership for us. The variety of content, trainings, and certifications they provide has allowed us to leverage our membership across multiple segments and teams at Built In. The SA team has created an amazing community for leaders, new managers, and ICs across all functions.”

The Biggest Challenge

New rep training & development, plain and simple.  When we joined SA we were a fast growth company just coming off of a recent funding round.  We were hiring quite a bit, and building systems and processes quickly.  One aspect we know would be critical was to have an established, credible system in place for skill development for all of the people we were bringing into the organization.

The Game Changer

We’ve utilized the variety of trainings through Sales Assembly to better our team across all segments, plus we’ve found the more entry level courses on BDR/SDR techniques, new sales fundamentals, etc to have been just as impactful as the more strategic sessions.  Sales Assembly has also allowed us to continue to build networks and key relationships throughout the national B2B Tech sales community, helping our reps to increase their confidence in selling, and assisting with the development of some of our newest managers through the certification programs offered.

I feel many of the benefits we’ve seen from the partnership today will continue in the future. I know we will continue to leverage SA as we onboard new reps to support our growth.

What Else Should People Know?

For me personally, having a chance to participate in the weekly Head of Sales Peer Group Call has been hugely valuable.  It’s one thing to provide resources for my reps, but to have a sounding board for myself in order to bounce ideas off of my peers and get tactical and strategic advice on things I’m working on has been fantastic.