Our Fireside Fridays series is where we have the opportunity to sit down with top B2B revenue leaders for 7 questions and get a behind-the-scenes look at their recommended best practices, their background, and factors that have contributed to their success.  This is our interview with Adir Ben-Yehuda, VP Sales and Founding Member at Walnut.  

Give us your background in sales

I have a genuine passion for sales basically since the moment I can remember myself. Started by doing a lot of SDR work and grow into more senior roles. I believe in guiding my team and have my sales people bring their true passion to the sale.

What’s the best piece of sales or business advice you ever got, and from who?

Over communication. Not nagging, but talk about what you feel during the sales process also as a seller, it will open things up and will take the barriers down.
I actually got this advice from my wife, she is a behavioral therapists and has some tricks up her sleeves!

What is the biggest challenge today facing a sales professional, and how would you recommend they overcome it?

Adopting to the new way buyers buy. You want to make sure they feel they control in the process and let them lead – I would overcome it by making sure you have all the info and data you have ready about them, so you can focus from the first engagement about their needs and not yours.

What companies, brands or influencers in the industry do you follow and/or respect most, and why?

I respect EVERY entrepreneur that is grinding with their company for many years with no scale – being a success story over night is one thing, fighting for it in the duration of 5-6 years until you hit the mark, that’s something else.

What’s the best advice you’d give to someone just starting a career in sales or revenue overall within B2B tech?

Be a sponge! learn, absorb – there are many ways to approach the same challenges, make sure you know as many as possible and adopt whats best for your style.

What is one weird/quirky thing about you that most people don’t know?

I NEVER book a demo call to 2pm-3pm NEVER, it’s superstitious I have- but it works.

What’s your favorite big deal celebrating ceremony ?

I would have to say – getting tacos (and margaritas) from my favorite place – shout out to Tacombi NYC :)
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