Emergence Capital & Sales Assembly Partner Together


“Whether it’s through the weekly training events and certifications programs that our GTM teams take advantage of or the forums for our leaders to gather strategic advice from a vast community of other Heads of Sales & sales professionals of B2B tech companies, Sales Assembly is and will continue to be an instrumental partner in G2’s talent development.

About Sales Assembly

As our industry’s only Scale-as-a-Service platform, Sales Assembly is the trusted partner for leading B2B Tech companies on their journey to Scale Better, Scale Faster, and Scale Smarter.  Our frictionless & all-inclusive membership platform provides our members with access to the trainings, certifications, tools, talent, resources, strategy, branding, advisory, and peer connections they need – all in one place.

You can learn more about everything included in membership here.

Benefits to Emergence Capital Portfolio Companies

Emergence Capital understands the importance of a well-functioning revenue organization for any growing B2B technology company. As such, Emergence Capital and Sales Assembly have partnered together to deliver special and exclusive resources specifically for portfolio companies, which include:

  • EmCap portfolio companies receive a 25% discount off of their first year’s annual membership dues upon joining Sales Assembly.
  • EmCap portfolio companies have a dedicated member of Sales Assembly’s Member Experience team overseeing the relationships with EmCap portfolio companies.
  • Each EmCap portfolio company is encouraged to contact the Sales Assembly leadership team anytime, regardless if you’re a member, for questions, advice, connections, or recommendations on all things sales & revenue-related.

More about Emergence Capital here.

Next Steps

You’re encouraged to contact Matt Green, Sales Assembly’s CRO, at [email protected] to discuss membership for your organization.