There is a sense of normalcy returning. Spring is right around the corner. Travel is ramping back as well as the industry is doubling down on service, safety, and customer satisfaction. That said, sales leaders continue to ask if a president’s club is worth it? Do people care about this type of incentive? Does it actually move the needle?

Sales Assembly partnered with the events expert and CEO of Ladidadi, Noelle McInerney, to answer these questions and more. In our President’s Club Series, we kicked off with 5 Reasons You Should have a President’s Club (if you don’t already). Now that you’ve made the decision that this initiative is right for you, read on to see 5 lists of 5 things when planning your President’s Club trip.

  1. What steps do I need to take for a first-time President’s Club Program?

    1. Eligibility: Decide if your program will be limited to your sales team, or if you will include Support/non-quota teams. Do candidates need to be employed for a minimum amount of time in order to qualify? How do promotions play a factor?

    2. Structure: You can control your budget more with a closed goal – i.e. – the top 50 reps (percent-to-goal) win. However, the format that allows for more winners and potentially more revenue is that anyone who surpasses X% to-goal wins the trip.

    3. Justification: Use the above goal structure to calculate what the incremental revenue would be to the business with the increased performance. Depending on the number, use all or some of that as your event budget.

    4. Plan Ahead: Ideally, you can use a President’s Club Trip that’s booked for 6-12 months out as a way to drive performance from your team. On average you should expect ~6 weeks for sourcing/contracting destinations and resorts.

    5. Be Involved: Teams will follow your lead. Bring excitement and conviction. Put your stamp on it to help establish the culture of success at your company.

  1. Ok. We’re doing a President’s Club. What do I need to consider to help me shape the actual trip?

    1. Demographics: Is your sales force comprised of 20-somethings or are they in their 30s/40s/50s? Are they active or prefer to spend time lounging? What’s the drinking culture? These questions will help you decide what vibe is the best fit for your group in terms of market, hotels, and programming.

    2. Plus Ones: Are most of your team members married or single? If the former, you will likely want to offer your winners the ability to bring their significant other on the trip.

    3. When: Are you ok with your team being out of the office for 3, 4, or 5 days? Or do you prefer the dates fall over a weekend? Is the end of the month and/or quarter a bad time to have anyone OOO?

    4. Where: The length of your program will help you decide on this one. Anything international we recommend a minimum of 4 nights, to help make up for the longer travel time. Where your group is coming from and the availability of direct flights can also be a great way to narrow down your destination shortlist. Don’t assume the costs are a limiting factor.

    5. Itinerary: The ideal program has a good mix of group events (both at the hotel + off-site) as well as free time! There are ways to keep your brand present even when there’s nothing formal planned (i.e. resort credit for their enjoyment).

  1. So Hot Right Now: Domestic Locations

    1. Miami Beach, FL

    2. Scottsdale, AZ

    3. Nashville, TN

    4. Napa Valley, CA

    5. Maui, HI

  1. Bon Voyage! Trending International locations

    1. Punta Mita, Mexico

    2. Los Cabos, Mexico

    3. The Bahamas

    4. Lisbon + Algarve, Portugal

    5. Whistler, Canada

  2. Trip Itinerary Best Practices
  • Welcome to Paradise! For night one, plan a welcome reception at the resort. After a day of travel, your guests will be looking forward to exploring the resort, mixing it up with their fellow winners, and also having a short journey to their room at the end of the night.

  • Don’t Over-Program. It’s easy and often tempting to schedule activities and events each day & evening, but free time is very important! With limited time in paradise, our best practice is to have no more than one organized group event each day.

  • Packing Pitfall. While an awards ceremony is often a very special part of a Club trip, distributing actual awards can add unnecessary complication (customs/shipping, winners’ suitcase space, etc). A best practice here is to hand out something small/lightweight, i.e. a custom pin, and then have the physical awards awaiting your winners upon their return home.

  • See the sights. After night one on property, most groups are ready to explore the host town. We recommend planning one group event off-site – a daytime excursion or closing party – so that your winners can experience what may be a new location.

  • After the party… One way to ensure everyone ends their evening together is by facilitating an after-party at the hotel. The best practice is to secure a hospitality suite that becomes your Club “HQ” the entire stay – or a single night if that’s better for your budget – stocked with snacks, drinks and branded swag.

Found this insightful? Contact your Sales Assembly member experience partner for an introduction to Ladidadi and your complimentary President’s Club consultation. Stay tuned for Making President’s Club Last All Year Long where Noelle will share strategies to ensure your club is more than just a trip.

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