We’ve Built Sales Assembly Into Our Foundational Processes

HQ Malmo, Sweden

STAGE Series B



INDUSTRY Product Marketing Technology

Steven Baumgartner
VP of Sales, North America

“It’s our goal as a North American team to provide a fantastic learning environment and see to it that everyone has the opportunity to progress professionally. However, the company can only do so much on its own. Sales Assembly provides that additional exposure…both in knowledge and network…helping us to complete our programs and strategy.”

The Biggest Challenge

As we would hire more people into our sales organization, after the initial onboarding & ramp, we admittedly struggled to provide formalized and structured professional development and knowledge sharing for members of our team. This was obviously a big challenge, as it not only limited the growth potential of our reps and leaders, but went in contrast to how fast we were trying to move and build as a company. We needed to solve this problem.

The Game Changer

There are many great benefits to Sales Assembly membership, from access to talent to discounts on software to connections with peers. But the biggest thing we’ve been able to leverage is the unique training & development that’s offered. inRiver team members attend certification programs and weekly workshops to discuss “like” challenges with peers AND learn new techniques from thought leaders. It’s this two-pronged strategy that really makes the learning experience different and more effective than anything we’ve ever done before. The opportunity to be taught by an expert is one thing, but then to be able to supplement that knowledge by collaborating with other people who have the same job title and responsibilities that you have but at another similar sized B2B tech company really enhances the learning experience. So much so that we use Sales Assembly programming & curriculum as our go-to in-house ongoing training strategy.

The team now addresses challenges and new opportunities more prepared. And they have more confidence in their ability to manage various sales, marketing, and CS scenarios.

What Else Should People Know?

This is the second company that I’ve worked for who have been members of Sales Assembly. I can say with full confidence that in both situations, the experience has felt completely customized and relevant…as if they built the entire membership model just for that one company. I think that’s pretty amazing.