Sales Assembly’s RevOps Roundup is a monthly collection of tips, trends, and tactics to help you navigate the wild west of Revenue & Sales Operations – featuring yours truly, Sheriff Brad Rosen, Head of Revenue Operations here at Sales Assembly. 

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Revenue Operations is defined in many different ways depending on the makeup of the organization the team supports.  I’ve always defined it as “the ability to align all aspects of the revenue organization to provide an efficient and effective GTM operation.”  

But what is the backbone of a Rev Ops team?  Based on a recent LinkedIn poll, there was a tie for first (35%) between Systems & Tools and Forecasting & Projections.  This shows the diversity of thought on what truly is the essence of a strong Rev Ops team.

Amy Liu shares her thoughts through a Primer on Sales Ops and when/how to think about building out a team.

No matter how you define the role’s remit, it is clear that Revenue Operations is becoming an integral part of any high-performing revenue organization.



CRM Logging Made Easy For the Sales Team

Does it take your team too many clicks to log calls or update opps?  Having clean data is crucial to an accurate forecast and ensuring no deals slip through the cracks.

Tools like Dooly and Troops
 can help you streamline your workflows and make it easy to keep your CRM data up to date!

Change Management For the Rev Ops Pros

If you’ve ever written an email to thousands of people or updated fields in a CRM that will affect the global sales organization, you know the feeling you get before you hit the send button.  You get a pit in your stomach then re-review your work for the 7th time.  You hit send and cross your fingers for the next hour hoping no urgent emails come back to you.

Sonar is a cool new tool that helps Rev Ops pros track what you might be breaking by updating those fields in your CRM.  Sonar is the CRM equivalent of the “track dependents” button in Excel.  It notifies you if updating a specific field will cause other workflows to break then documents your changes.

Just a little peace of mind before firing off that update to your whole sales team!



Below are a few insights from leading RevOps pros throughout our awesome community:

You are a Rev Ops leader that has the ability to build your ideal sales team.  What qualities do they possess and how can they make your job easier?

Answer #1

“Regardless of if you are in Rev Ops or Sales, there are some key skills that will make someone successful: possessing self-motivation to learn, having empathy, and being able to communicate clearly.  I shared more about this in a recent post.”

Andy Mowat, CEO at Gated
, Former Operations leader at Box, Upwork, and Culture Amp

Answer #2
“The two biggest qualities I’ve seen in great reps, and reps that make my job easier, are coachability and the ability to grind. Coachable reps are able to continually improve by implementing advice from management and Rev Ops.  They are also able to use technology to their advantage, improving their productivity by optimizing the tools they are given. Grinders are able to identify roadblocks to their success more quickly than their counterparts and they are able to find ways to overcome them.”

Cameron Bumstead, Senior Sales Operations Analyst at BigTime Software


Did you know that…

100+ – number of SaaS apps organizations with 250+ employees use – BMC

It’s no wonder that…

33.3% – percent of a salesperson’s day spent actually speaking with prospects (they spend 21% of their day writing emails, 17% entering data, another 17% prospecting and researching leads, 12% going to internal meetings, and 12% scheduling calls) – HubSpot

Which is why we are seeing…

300% – the increase in LinkedIn titles of VP of Revenue Operations over the past 18 months – Clari

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