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The Sales Assembly Women's Circle is a place where those who identify as gender female (she/her/hers) and are in B2B tech revenue roles of all titles and seniority levels, can gather to discuss their female working experience.


Through this program, we share stories, insights, and moments of inspiration. We lean on each other, and learn from our experiences; good and bad. We wholeheartedly lift each other up, in the spirit of a safe place and no judgment.  And we roll up our sleeves and talk revenue tactics and strategy as well, of course!  

Working as a woman in a revenue role within tech is a unique that benefits from support in multiple areas, not only tactically, but emotionally.  As we continue building out The Women's Circle, we'll be adding more events, resources and forums.  Our ultimate goal is to provide leadership, offer important connections, help one another breakdown barriers and ceilings, and come together for support!

​"As an early member of Sales Assembly, it has been great for getting to know other sales leaders who have roles similar to mine. I also have enjoyed attending the Women in Sales events. It's been great learning from others who face similar challenges."



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