You have openings...AND need better candidates. Sales Assembly helps you to hire faster and with more
precision…from a larger candidate pool.  We supplement your current recruiting efforts, helping you to attract, select and retain more of the right candidates for your organization.

  • Have an employer table to meet candidates at Sales Assembly's "Chicago Tech Sales" career fairs

  • Significant discounts on 3rd party recruiting through our select recruiting partners

  • Recommendations and special pricing on leading employment screening tools and assessments

  • Pipeline to interns via our partnerships with major universities and other resources

  • Access to the pool of candidates who submit their resume to Sales Assembly each and every week

  • Involvement in the candidate referral system amongst SA members

"Sales Assembly has been instrumental in supporting ActiveCampaign's growth. Not only does the team keep us top of mind for candidate referrals, but through career fairs we've been able to attract more quality talent and get our brand out to the community."

Sasha Katz, Talent Acquisition Mgr, Activecampaign

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100+ member companies.  Access to 2000+ of your peers in Chicago tech sales.  Over 60 programs & events throughout the year.  Dozens of hours of training for your team.  Significant cost savings on sales enablement products and services.  Access to sales candidates. 

Plus much, much more.   


Sales Assembly is an all-inclusive, one stop shop.  When you join Sales Assembly, you and your entire organization receive access to dozens of relevant benefits and resources, throughout the entire year...all for an investment that's less than 1 month's salary of 1 average rep. 

Find us at 1871
222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza
Ste. 1212
Chicago, IL 60654
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