Sales Assembly helps you to hire faster and with more precision…from a larger pool of quality candidates.  Through various resources + enhanced employer branding, we help supplement your current recruiting efforts - allowing you to attract, select and retain more of the right employees for your organization.


Areas of focus:

  • Access to quality candidates who complete our Fast Start Certification Program (no placement fees of course - hire whomever you'd like!)

  • Opportunities to a featured employer at our bi-monthly career fairs in order to connect with candidates actively looking for sales, marketing and CS roles.

  • Leverage pre-negotiated member discounts with 3rd-party recruiting services. 

  • Recommendations and special pricing on leading employment screening tools and assessments.

  • Access to interns via our partnerships with major universities.

"Sales Assembly has been instrumental in supporting ActiveCampaign's growth. Not only does the team keep us top of mind for candidate referrals, but through career fairs we've been able to attract more quality talent and get our brand out to the community."


Other Member Benefits

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