Fireside Friday with Jason Lovelace

October 16, 2019



This is our interview with Jason Lovelace, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at SPINS.  You can follow SPINS at @SPINSllc.


Sales Assembly: Give us your quick background in sales.


Jason:  For as long as I can remember, I have sold. I elected early on to create my own opportunities and not allow them to happen. Sales provides a platform to define your success by pure differentiation.


Sales Assembly: What's your biggest accomplishment in sales or sales leadership?


Jason:  Watching hundreds of individuals that I hired grow, develop and prosper into remarkable sales leaders both alongside me and beyond.


Sales Assembly: What's the best piece of sales advice you ever got?


Jason:  If you don't ask, the answer is always "no!" - Buzz Barton.


Sales Assembly: What's the biggest challenge facing a sales rep today, and how would you recommend they overcome it?


Jason:  Information is more readily available than ever. Buyer education is done before you ever meet with a prospect. With a simple search online, they can have a strong frame of reference on what you are trying to sell. Therefore, it is imperative that sales professionals learn how to solve complex issues by "creating a buyer."


Sales Assembly: Do you currently have a mentor when it comes to sales, or have you ever?  If so, what did they teach you?


JasonEarly on in my career, I elected to always have a mentor and had two that I hold close to my chest. It's funny how today the roles have reversed, and now I am mentoring 3 - 5 key sales executives colleagues.


Sales Assembly: What's the best sales book you've ever read?  What are you reading now?


Jason:  I have read many great sales books, however one that comes top of mind is Questions that Sell by Paul Cherry. I just finished reading This Won't Scale by The Drift Marketing Team.


Sales Assembly: Best sales or business related articles, podcasts or newsletters?


Jason:  Sales Assembly


Sales Assembly: What's the best advice you'd give to someone just starting a career in sales?


Jason:  Differentiation is the key to the game. How are you going to differentiate yourself from all the noise, all the tasks and all the salespeople.


Sales Assembly: Do you see any interesting future trends as it pertains to sales?


Jason:  My fear is that the sales practice is becoming "soft." More and more sales professionals are relying on auto-generated leads vs. going out there and making it happen on their own. Again - Differentiation!


Sales Assembly: What is a sales professionals number one responsibility?



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