Happening on 11.13.20



Time to lace up for 2021...

The Sales Assembly REVENUE RUNDOWN is a unique event (yes, the word unique can still be a thing in this virtual event world) where we're bringing together our industry's top thought leaders who'll be sharing their #1 strategy for how individuals and organizations alike can close out 2020 with a bang, and in a way that sets 2021 up to be their best year ever.

13 industry-leading thought leaders featured.  Live Q&A during each presentation. 

13-minute presentations - content will be hard-hitting, impactful, and tactical.

Topics designed for 5 personas within the B2B revenue org

(Sales Leaders, Marketing Leaders, Sales Enablement, RevOps, and Individual Contributors).

You're welcomed to pop in and out for the topics you're most interested in.

It's on Friday the 13th, so you know some crazy sh*t will take place!




Happening virtually on 11.13.20

Sales Assembly is THE best way to build relationships with peers.  If you're looking to grow your network and learn from some amazing people, get involved.

-Ryan Barretto, SVP Global Sales, Sprout Social