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The 6 F's of Sales Engagement (Video)

This spring, Sales Assembly has partnered with award-winning SaaS Sales Leader Todd Caponi along with Zendesk, Vidyard and Showpad to produce a brand new series called Fridays are for Closers. Every other Friday, we'll conduct a virtual program (free, and open to the public) designed to provide sales leaders, enablement professionals and/or top salespeople with tactical content they need at this time.  Please visit for recordings of past programs plus a schedule of what's coming up next. And below, please find a recap (and recording) of the most recent episode.

Episode 2: The 6 F's of Sales Engagement

Uncertainty. It’s a crazy-maker for the brain, but even worse, a crazy-maker for your pipeline. And ready or not, uncertainty is here in Q1 2020. How bad will it get and for how long? Nobody can know for sure. But either way, it requires an immediate shift in sales strategy. In our second episode of Fridays are for Closers, we discussed a framework for how to maintain sales engagement amongst your team - regardless of the economic influences. You'll learn the six sales leadership F's to help keep sellers on your team intrinsically motivated, how to uncover them and how to maximize each one.

Host Todd Caponi is the author of the award-winning book, The Transparency Sale (Best “Sales” Book of 2019 | Best Book Awards), Managing Director of Chicago’s VentureSCALE, and a speaker & workshop leader as Principal of Sales Melon LLC. Todd is also a multi-time C-Level sales leader, a behavioral science nerd and has guided two companies to successful exits. Amongst other accolades, Todd won the 2009 American Business Award for Worldwide Vice President of Sales of the Year, for how he guided his technology sales organization through the last economic downturn.

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