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Soft Skills 101

Although most meetings these days aren’t taking place in person, that doesn’t mean you can’t polish up your soft skills. When it comes to honing these skills, it’s important to focus on how you can genuinely connect to people whether it’s via email, video call or phone call. While each of these modes of communication come with their own benefits and challenges, they also allow you to get amazing experience that will transfer to in-person meetings. Keep reading for our top tips on boosting your soft skills.

Cozying Up To Cold Calling

It’s normal to feel nervous before starting a conversation via a cold call. You can’t really know what to expect or how your call will be received, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set yourself up for success. To begin, you need to establish intent. Cold calling is not about reaching out to all clients in your sales pipeline and checking them off the list. It should stem from being able to offer the prospective client something of value. There’s a big difference between “I want to make a sale” and “I can help your business.”

How To Establish Trust

Just like any other relationship in your life, trust is something that inherently takes time. This brings us back to the idea of being intentional and genuinely wanting to help. Before reaching out to a prospective client, do your research so you can pin down the exact reason you’re calling them - whether that’s a problem you can help solve or something that can enhance their business. With this approach, it is much easier to build trust because they feel they aren’t just another sale, and that you cared enough to do your homework before calling.

Creating Genuine Dialogue

The moment is here! You finally got the right contact on the phone. So now it’s time to sell, right? Not quite. The most successful salespeople take the time to build relationships. Instead of immediately going into selling mode, listen and ask as many questions as you can. The more information you have and the more they feel like their needs are being heard, the more likely you will be able to make a sale in the future.

We view sales as something that is earned. By being intentional, actively listening and building trust, you earn the right to pitch your product and make that sale! For more information and tips on winning sales, contact us.

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