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Sales Enablement 101

Sales enablement is all about creating a strong salesforce. In order to implement sales enablement, you must be strategic with the goal of streamlining the sales cycle and ultimately increasing revenue. To break it down: sales enablement is what you train, how you train and the process by which you do so. Here are some essential points to consider when you are planning your sales enablement game plan.

What You Train

It is critical that you are thinking about the actual topic or need to be addressed when planning your sales enablement. Are you training on soft skills or on the overall sales process? Is it specific to a role at your company, or is it based on behaviors? It is important that the content of your training reflects the why. Think of this as "who are we training, why, and what's the content?"

How You Train

When it comes to training your salesforce, be deliberate and intentional. Does it make sense to have the training lead by a rep, manager, expert or outside vendor? Think about your product and the procedures you want your salespeople to use moving forward. What learning style is the most effective for your salesforce: classroom style, role play or small group? Consider this strategically as you plan the format of your sales training.

Your Process

The timing of your sales enablement defines your process. Are you offering trainings monthly or quarterly? Think about people, procedures and technology when making this decision. In addition, what inspection points are built in to make sure the trainings are being comprehended, absorbed and executed? How are you measuring the effectiveness and success of your salesforce? Think about what metrics you have in place to measure improvement to the business, and if there is a scalable way to measure this. Without keeping track, there is no way to ensure your sales enablement processes are effective.

By thinking systematically about the sales enablement training process and asking the right questions, your organization will be on the path to increased productivity and ultimately more sales success.

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