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Making Sales Reps Productive in the Shortest Amount of Time

In the current, fast-paced environment of growth-stage, B2B tech companies, hiring qualified sales reps is crucial. However, getting those newly hired reps ramped up is vital to the success of the company. We asked five top sales leaders from Chicago and San Francisco about their tips on ramping reps. Here are their answers:

Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales at Outreach: Until a rep knows what to do, they don't know what to do. It is best to show them scripts or talk tracks for an initial meeting/discovery call that they can follow from the get-go that captures the necessary information and pain until they can learn to navigate those conversations on their own. Creating a scripted set of discovery questions decreases ramp time, especially when combined with a manager showing them how to use that information in the demo and throughout the sales cycle.

Justin Clifford, Director of Sales at Lessonly: Practice. Practice early, practice often. Get the words out. Then again. Then again. Do it live. Use recording tools. Feedback loops from managers, enablement and peers. Rinse and Repeat.

Chris Orlob, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Gong.io: 1) Show Reps What ‘Good’ Looks Like. You should show new reps what ‘good’ looks like at each stage of the sales cycle:

- What does a good discovery call look like?

- What does good objection handling look like?

- What does good competitive differentiation look like?

A great way to do this is to record calls and dedicate libraries where recordings can become a storehouse of knowledge for new hires.

2) Let New Hires Learn On-Demand Rather Than on a Schedule. We recommend this process as an alternative to call shadowing. Call shadowing is difficult to coordinate from a logistics standpoint, and often affords reps only a few opportunities to actually shadow experienced reps. New hires are typically only able to shadow five meetings during the first four weeks.

On-demand learning resources like the call recording library mentioned above give new hires the ability to hear five calls in the first couple of days on the job.

A rep that goes through on-demand training is going to knock it out of the park compared to a rep whose training is limited to live calls.

Helee Lev, CRO at Goby: 1. Consistency and minimal disruption in support personnel, i.e., Sales Ops2. Lightweight, easy CRM, like HubSpot

Gina Thomas, Chief Development Officer at Lumere: Basics: spending time up front with them pays off long term; observe/role play-practice/lead with support/lead solo on messaging and value drivers; reminding them of the available internal resources often since it's easy to forget from the initial information overload.


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