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Do You Need Sales Enablement?

Updated: Sep 4

Does your company need sales enablement? The answer is yes, and luckily, it’s never too late to start considering it. If you recognize that your team is in need of training, or you have to shift to make a directional move, don’t NOT enable your team for success just because you haven’t in

the past.

Sales Enablement 101

Sales enablement is the strategic use of people, processes and technology to improve sales productivity and increase revenue. It’s what you train, it’s how you train, and it’s the process by which you do it. Executed correctly, sales enablement is very deliberate, simple, easy to track and has a measured impact on time spent selling, win rates and deal size.

Is Sales Enablement Right For You?

You should absolutely enable your salespeople and have a team to do so. You don’t want to keep building a sales force that continues to grow only on tribal knowledge. You need a set process that people can follow as they continue to be hired on and need to be able to track what works and doesn’t work. If you have something you want to train on, do it right now and develop a plan - you can make meaningful change in a short amount of time just by being deliberate about it.

How to Leverage Sales Enablement to Scale

Your enablement team should be partnered very, very closely with your sales team working completely in tandem. The main job of an enablement team is to listen in to where they can make improvements and then enable you to do so. They should be looking out for things that you, as a sales leader or sales director or even VP, aren’t necessarily looking out for. With proper enablement, you will strategically work to ensure you provide the training to have dynamic sellers as you scale.

Sales enablement is key to preparing your salespeople to conduct a more effective sales process and achieve better sales results. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into each of the points above!

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