Membership Plus.

All the benefits of membership, made custom for your business.

Get all of the unlimited resources available through Core Membership, PLUS custom training, and custom project work and additional advisory to help you and your team do more with less, and move faster.

What’s included in Membership Plus:

1 In-House Training or SKO Keynote*, selected from our list of training topics and configured to be hyper-relevant to your org and needs.

1 In-House Project, built to change, implement or stand up a core part of your commercial organization’s strategy.

A personalized commercial org Scale Audit, to dive deep into and diagnose your organization’s challenges, needs and opportunities, resulting in a prescriptive plan for you and your leaders.

A dedicated Scale Advisor to support and help you and your team drive strategies — and membership benefits — forward.

All the benefits of membership: live training and certifications for the entire commercial organization, peer-based learning for every role and access to always-on advisory.

Team Training

Live session built just for your team, selected from a menu of topics and customized to be hyper-relevant to your org and needs.

Choose from:

  • Change management for leaders
  • Lifecycle selling and management
  • Honing your seller’s elevator pitch
  • Pipeline fiction
  • The psychology of buying
  • Building a dynamic and durable culture
  • Radical candor
  • Managing up
  • Discovery: the what and the why
  • Cold outreach
  • Navigating pricing conversations
  • Mastering the handoff
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Sales Assembly Projects

Projects are customized expert-facilitated strategy engagements, built to change, implement or stand up a core part of your commercial organization’s go-to-market function.

Choose from our menu of Projects:

  • Creating a team-wide communication framework
  • Implementing a high-impact performance management process
  • Defining and driving sales process adoption
  • Creating your leadership playbook
  • Building a world-class leadership team
  • Developing a GTM hiring process
  • Constructing your rules of engagement (ROE)
  • Evolving and growing your GTM team
Transform your go-to-market with Projects

“Sales Assembly has been an instrumental partnership for us. The variety of content, trainings, and certifications they provide has allowed us to leverage our membership across multiple segments and teams at Built In. The SA team has created an amazing community for leaders, new managers, and ICs across all functions.”

Emma Galler, VP of Sales, Built In

“It’s our goal as a North American team to provide a fantastic learning environment and see to it that everyone has the opportunity to progress professionally. However, the company can only do so much on it’s own. Sales Assembly provides that additional exposure…both in knowledge and network…helping us to complete our programs and strategy.”


“Thanks Sales Assembly for building my network, challenging me to learn from so many great members of the Tech Sales community, and offering my team opportunities to become certified as sales professionals – all while having fun along the way.”


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