Leadership Development
Tech companies grow...fast!  And with fast growth comes promotions, organizational changes and ever-expanding teams & departments.  Having both effective career path strategies plus the resources in place to help new managers thrive in their roles is paramount to any scaling sales org. 

  • Sales Leaders Peer Groups for heads of sales of similar sized companies

  • Full-day "New Sales Manager" training

  • Private Slack Channels for both new managers and existing leadership

  • Top tier networking to allow for idea sharing and tribal knowledge transfer OUTSIDE of the four walls of a given company

  • Formal program & discussion topics around career pathing strategies

"Sales Assembly has become a great resource for Glassdoor in regards to growing and developing the sales leaders who'll drive our company forward for years to come!"

Stephanie Jenkins, VP of Sales, Glassdoor

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100+ member companies.  Access to 2000+ of your peers in Chicago tech sales.  Over 60 programs & events throughout the year.  Dozens of hours of training for your team.  Significant cost savings on sales enablement products and services.  Access to sales candidates. 

Plus much, much more.   


Sales Assembly is an all-inclusive, one stop shop.  When you join Sales Assembly, you and your entire organization receive access to dozens of relevant benefits and resources, throughout the entire year...all for an investment that's less than 1 month's salary of 1 average rep. 

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