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Since the launch of Sales Assembly in 2017, our commitment towards diversity, equity, and inclusion has been rooted in our core values as an organization.  The B2B tech ecosystem that we serve, specifically the revenue organizations within these companies, is just one of the many industries that, even to this day, have significant progress that needs to be made in order to come close to providing equitable opportunities for it’s Female, LBGTQ+, Veteran, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) employees.   To this end, we have multiple ways in which we're working to move the needle - even ever so slightly - in this critical area. 

Led by our president Christina Brady, The Sales Assembly Women's Circle is a place where those who identify as gender female (she/her/hers) and are in B2B tech revenue roles of all titles and seniority levels, can gather through regularly scheduled events to discuss their female working experience.  We share stories, insights, and moments of inspiration. We lean on each other, and learn from our experiences; good and bad. We wholeheartedly lift each other up, in the spirit of a safe place and no judgment.  And we will roll up our sleeves and talk tactics and strategy as well, of course!

The path to equality cannot exist without assurance that we are addressing areas of inequity, one of which being who is promoted as a thought leader.  At Sales Assembly, a powerful part of our platform is giving a microphone to various experts, industry leaders, and critical thinkers in the B2B tech space. Ensuring diversity of thought, idea, experience, culture, race, gender, and background is at the forefront, and will continue to be at the forefront of who we invite to speak and facilitate at our various events, panels, and training sessions. 

Our certification programs are perhaps the most impactful aspect of Sales Assembly membership.  With that, we provide Women, Veteran, LBGTQ+, and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) employees from B2B tech companies across the country with the opportunity to become certified in any of Sales Assembly's Certification Programs at no cost whatsoever to the employer or employee.  More details including the enrollment form can be found here.  And a huge thanks to our partners, Lessonly, Gong, and Sales Hacker for helping bring this initiative to life.


We also provide current Sales Assembly members with additional seats at no cost to any of our certification programs, provided the individual meet diversity qualifications. 

​"As an early member of Sales Assembly, it has been great for getting to know other sales leaders who have roles similar to mine. I also have enjoyed attending the Women in Sales events. It's been great learning from others who face similar challenges."



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