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We're currently on our 2nd Season of Fridays Are For Closers.  Below you'll find information in order to register for upcoming episodes for season 2, plus details and recordings of past seasons and episodes. 

Current Season: Season 2

The host and featured thought leader of Season 2 for Fridays Are For Closers is Andrew Sykes. He is a lecturer of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School of Management, author and professional speaker on the topics of sales, leadership and high-performance, and an aficionado of habit-creation and human behavior. Andrew is the CEO and Co-Founder of Habits at Work, where he and his team help leaders and revenue-responsible teams master conversation skills and activate the 12 high-impact habits that build deep and lasting relationships with customers and move business forward.

Episode 1 - Friday, 7.24.20

While stories can be entertaining, the point of storytelling in sales is to change other people’s points of view, their models of the world or help them avoid taking the wrong actions. In this episode of Fridays Are For Closers, we’ll look at a specific structure for telling stories that really move buyers, by drilling into the 4 Cs of an effective story.

Episode 2 - Friday, 8.7.20

In sales, stories can significantly elevate the conversation (and your relationship), or help to stop things in their tracks. Becoming a great storyteller, in every situation, is something anyone can do - if they follow the correct, repeatable framework. In this episode of Fridays Are For Closers, we’ll explore the arcs and adornments (such as callbacks, takeaways, gleaming objects and rules of three) that take stories from blah to brilliant! Knowing when to use these adornments keeps people captivated and helps make our stories really stick.

Episode 3 - Friday, 8.21.20

It’s almost impossible to make up stories in the moment during a sales conversation or meeting of any kind. In this episode of Fridays Are For Closers, we’ll explore how to collect and organize your own stories into a “Story Library” based on different personas, concerns and jobs to be done - and then how to use your Story Library to tell the right story at the right time for the right reason.

Episode 4 - Friday, 9.11.20

What ACTION do I want someone to take? What do they CARE about? What IMPACT do I think I can have for them? These are the questions that all successful salespeople should be asking prior to every client and prospect interaction - it’s truly where the rubber meets the road. In this episode of Fridays Are For Closers, we’ll focus on how to adopt and adapt your stories so they are “made to match” with your prospect, using the ACTION, CARE, IMPACT approach.

Episode 5 - Friday, 9.25.20

Your origin story is FOR someone and should be tailored to THEIR needs, just like you select a gift for a friend based on what they need and want, not based on your own needs or desires. During this episode of Fridays Are For Closers, we’ll present a model for excellence for your personal origin story. We’ll also explore how your origin story can and should be tailored to every audience and every situation, so it uniquely fits the purpose of the meeting or scenario that you’re leading or participating in.

Past Season: Season 1

The host and featured thought leader of Season 1 for Fridays Are For Closers was Todd Caponi. He is the author of the award-winning book, The Transparency Sale (Best “Sales” Book of 2019 | Best Book Awards), Managing Director of Chicago’s VentureSCALE, and a speaker & workshop leader as Principal of Sales Melon LLC. Todd is also a multi-time C-Level sales leader, a behavioral science nerd and has guided two companies to successful exits. Amongst other accolades, Todd won the 2009 American Business Award for Worldwide Vice President of Sales of the Year, for how he guided his technology sales organization through the last economic downturn.

Episode 1 - Friday, 7.24.20

Uncertainty. It’s a crazy-maker for the brain, but even worse, a crazy-maker for your pipeline. And ready or not, uncertainty was there in Q1 2020. How bad will it get and for how long? Nobody can know for sure. But either way, it required an immediate shift in sales strategy. We talked through how uncertainty changed buying priorities for your customers/prospects, and how you could be immediately prepared, take action and effectively shift your approach.

Episode 2 - Friday, 3.20.20

With so much uncertainty all around us, how do you, as a revenue leader, ensure your team has as much support, engagement and success as possible? We discussed a framework for how to maintain sales engagement amongst your team - regardless of the economic influences. You learned the six sales leadership F's to help keep sellers on your team intrinsically motivated, uncovering them and how to maximize each one.

Episode 3 - Friday, 4.3.20

Every executive's priority was on extending the company's runway. They would still buy, but they would be focused on the essentials. And, when they buy, they will be coming harder and stronger. There had never been a more important time to have a simple, easy to implement framework for how you present, propose and negotiate pricing. There was never a more important time to ensure that you were also maintaining trust and making the buying journey as effortless as possible. Negotiating price doesn't have to be any different. We discussed a simple framework for how any rep can discuss pricing, propose pricing and, most importantly, negotiate pricing by implementing the four levers of Transparent Negotiations.

Episode 4 - Friday, 4.17.20

Leading with data, ROI, stats and figures will not work in times of uncertainty. We all make decisions using feelings and emotions. The typical we-we-we presentation must be changed. In this session, we explored why a typical presentation doesn’t work and how to choreograph your sales presentations to not only tell a great story, but compel the audience to action. (Hint: it involves reality makeover TV). We discussed a choreography that sellers can use to prepare and deliver presentations. It does not throw out an existing deck, it reorders it in a way that tells a consensus-building story. Your presentations will become focused not on how great you are, but instead on how great your prospect can be.

Episode 5 - Friday, 5.1.20

In downturns, customers and prospects still buy. The difference now is that they have an extreme focus with those purchases; on extending their runway on the essentials and reducing risk. When they buy, it better be easy - to engage, evaluate, decide, purchase, sign and implement. Your buyers are prioritizing easy wins, because if there is friction, the easier opportunities will take priority. We looked at each element of your buyer’s journey, mixing in some behavioral science to help you optimize the buying journey and maximize your results.

Episode 6 - Friday, 5.15.20

What comes to mind when you think about honing your sales skills? Prospecting? Presenting? Negotiating? All true, but there are also a handful of often-forgotten-about elements that can sometimes be just as important in determining your success. We dove into a little brain science coupled with a whole bunch of counterintuitive tactics to (a) optimize your sales proposals, (b) optimize your use of references, (c) make your RFP responses stand out, and (d & e) crush your next job interview, whether you’re the interviewee or the interviewer!

Episode 7 - Thursday, 5.28.20

One could argue that the oldest profession in the world is actually sales. From the invention of the wheel, the world of selling has evolved many times, but most rapidly over the past 20 years. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the history of your profession + are looking for a fun session where you can also justify joining with a beverage in hand...this one's for you! We started in 1878 when the sales profession first started hitting print, and then took you through the first known sales methodology, 1920's perspectives on the buying brain, 1940's tips on selling door-to-door, and what kicked off the acceleration of methodologies from the late 1970s to current day.

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