Revenue Diagnostics

To assist our members with building out some of the most important areas of their revenue org, we’ve developed 3 extremely effective Diagnostic tools, which helps our members take stock in their current strategy and process + identify areas for improvement. After completion of the diagnostic (only takes about 15 minutes to complete), we conduct a call to debrief the results, provide ideas and suggestions, whiteboard some ideas, etc. Super helpful for any fast-growing tech company, regardless of current internal staff & infrastructure.

Our executive team of subject matter experts conducts complimentary diagnostics for our members, in 3 main areas:

Revenue Operations

Led by Brad Rosen
President & Head of Revenue Operations

Sales Enablement

Led by Alex Zikakis
Head of Enablement

Sales Manager Effectiveness

Led by Christina Brady
Chief Strategy Officer

There’s a ton to build – we’re here to help

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