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That’s communities, plural.  We’ve built Sales Assembly around the concept of peer-to-peer connectivity...for everyone in your org.  Between private slack channels, cross-company development teams, collaborative roundtable events and leadership peer groups, each person on your team, from SDR to CRO, can interact and learn with/from their peers. 

Areas of focus:​

  • Participation in our various Leadership Peer Groups.  Hosted virtually and either weekly or bi-weekly, these are collections of executive leaders across Sales, Marketing, HR/Talent, Customer Success, and Sales Ops & Enablement.  No formal agendas, allowing for open sharing of ideas and strategy discussion.  

  • Invite for women in all revenue roles on your team to participate in our Women's Circle.

  • Have your BDRs, SDRs, AEs, CSMs, Channel Sales Reps and Sales Managers/Directors enroll in our Peer Connects Program: “pods” of 8-12 people across different companies who connect to share ideas, network, do deal reviews etc). 

  • Instant access to our community of thousands of sales & revenue leaders, reps and influencers.

  • Be featured in articles on our blog and newsletter, as well as speaking and panelist opportunities - all great for individual as well as company branding. 

  • Invites for you and members of your team to participate in our private Slack channels in order to join conversations, get quick answers and share ideas.

  • Top tier networking to allow for idea sharing and tribal knowledge transfer OUTSIDE of the four walls of a given company.

“Sales Assembly is not simply a networking group. It's a professional organization & community that helps both myself and members of my team to connect and engage with our peers."



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