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Scale Smarter

Shortcut the system with access to the strategy, frameworks and resources you need in order to keep building, while leveraging your peers and other thought leaders to move faster and more effectively.

Overall Revenue Planning

Channel Partnership Strategy. Pre-sales. Account-Based Marketing. Scaling a BDR organization. (Plus 4 Zillion other things). There is a lot to figure out, and sometimes revenue leaders have more questions than answers – that’s what our community is here for! Through resources like our Strategy Peer Groups, member to member introductions and on-demand advisory, we help with those tough to answer questions and challenges.

Strategy Peer Groups

Revenue Operations

Sales & RevOps these days seem to be a catch-all for “everything which is really difficult to get right” :). Fear not! There are answers to elements like territory planning, forecasting process, comp plan design and managing the stack…and we deliver said answers through our regular RevOps peer groups, modern education on the latest tools and frameworks, partnerships with leading vendors, and advice from our industry’s foremost sales & RevOps thought leaders and practitioners.

Initiatives & Frameworks

There are many different key strategic elements that make up a well-functioning revenue organization – areas such as Customer Lifecycle Management, Go-To-Market Strategy, Pipeline Building & Management & Market/Customer Intelligence. Through our cross-functional & multi-company Strategy Labs plus ongoing formal programming & structured learnings, Sales Assembly helps keep the ball moving in all of these areas.

Strategy Labs

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