Fast Start Program

Our Fast Start Program is a 5 module certification which helps verify that job seekers have the foundational skills they need in order to ramp quicker and succeed in their new role. All candidates who complete the Fast Start Program have their information sent to Sales Assembly members each week, and members are then encouraged to contact anyone they wish and ideally make hires – no fees of any kind are involved.

*If you’re a job seeker, click here for info and to enroll

The program was designed to help job seekers land a new career, while also helping to fill the talent pipeline for our members.  The personas available for certification:

  • Account Management / Customer Success
  • Junior Sales Professional
  • Senior Sales Professional
  • Demand Generation
  • Revenue Operations
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Management / Leadership
fast start program by sales assembly

“To say that the Sales Assembly Community has been a value add (and at times a life-line), would be an understatement. Through all of the different programs and benefits, SA has helped the senior sales leadership team at Upwork execute and scale our business and training objectives over the last 2 years, as well as supplement and accelerate our team’s performance. One of the most notable and valuable benefits has been the peer to peer network, making it possible for us to plug into a pool of curious, intelligent and brilliant people to unlock new ideas and solve current challenges. That to me is the true super-power!”

Hiring is critical – but that’s just the start

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